a kitchen makeover

for years and years, I've hated my kitchen. granted, it kept my cookie dough safe from danger, but the room gets very little sunlight, the walls are dark, and it was just a totally sad cave-like space. But when Andrew moved in, one thing became very apparent: Jamie would be spending a lot more time in that kitchen. Andrew's favorite thing to do is cook meals for us and so I knew that I wanted to make the space somewhere that was more aesthetically pleasing to hang out in. I've dreamt of finishing this kitchen for literally about 4 months, but we wanted to paint the rest of the apartment first, finish up other projects, and most of all we wanted to enjoy our trip to Vegas without a project being half finished. Soooooo fast forward a few weeks and here we are: The whole kitchen took about $500 and 5 days (that's including a $100 hood range so I'm pretty damn happy about it) and was a pain free experience, mostly (i would be lying if I didn't note a few snippy comments back and forth between us. PSA: if you notice a kind of crooked cabinet knob that your boyfriend installed... just let it go. crooked means character!) I linked at the bottom our paint color, a few accessories, and the wall brackets! I hope you like the kitchen makeover as much as I do! 
Cabinet paint: Glidden 
Wall brackets: Home Depot
Wood stain: Minwax 
Cabinet pulls: Houzz
Hood range: amazon
Clear glassware: Ikea
Toaster: Overstock 

as you could imagine, most everything else is from TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or lucky thrift finds. 

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  1. Oh my goodness what an amazing difference you made for such a small investment! We had cabinets that exact color in my old house and I hated them until we finally painted them white - which I found such an annoying process that I declared I'd never do it again, but it was still worth it. The color you chose is amazing, and that shelving just opens things up so nicely. Love the rug you picked too!


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