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JD thrifts // how to decorate a dresser

Posted on: 8.07.2014

a few weeks ago, i posted photos of my new dresser. this thing was a total steal from the thrift store and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. For a while now, I've been wanting to have a print made up of a photo I have taken. I wanted to have a wall piece that I knew was made from something I snapped with my own camera. After looking around online, I found that TinyPrints had the best wall art options. So many size options and great prices. I knew that I wanted to have one of my photos printed off thru them to add to my dresser decor. Adding pieces around my apartment is one of my favorite hobbies. the sky is the limit and it's always fun to find something on a budget. (aside from my tiny print wall decal and the "nuns in bumper cars", everything shown above is thrifted) 

I thought it would be fun to write a quick post on what i like to do to style a large piece of furniture. I'll start by saying, I am NOT a minimalist. i like stuff and i'll scream it from the rooftops. so anyways, here's a few of the ways that i like to make my apartment decor fun and interesting! hope you enjoy! 
books books books. you can never have enough fun books with bright colors and fun titles to add to your home decor. most thrift stores sell books for a dollar and sometimes you can find them for even less. I always buy hardbacks and stack them up and use them to add height. 
these copper cups were a real steal for a few bucks a piece. they weren't this gorgeous when i found them, but with a little copper cleaner, they shined up beautifully. i use them to hold used matches, jewelry and candles. 
as you can see in the top photo, my $3 dresser is missing a drawer. And it was a stroke of fate that my record player fit perfectly in the missing space. 
i quickly painted this "think outside the box" print the other night and kind of love it. i love the simplicity of the black and white.
my print that i ordered from tiny prints turned out so great. a few weeks ago, i went around Cincinnati and took photos of my favorite street murals. 2 days after i took this photo, this wall was knocked down. i'm so happy i got a shot of it before it was gone and even more happy that i now have it printed up forever.  it's on the most sturdy thick canvas and the colors showed up beautifully! 

above my dresser, i have hanging a map of all of the haunted locations in Cincinnati. it's one of my favorite things in my house and it's actually a brochure that i had framed years ago. 
under my dresser, i keep my thrifted box of oil pants. it's a mess in that box… but hey, art is messy!
a few pieces of advice when decorating for yourself:
1. keep the bigger pieces centered, like larger framed pieces or bigger vases. 
2. i love fresh flowers in my house, so i try and only buy clearance flowers
3. same goes for candles. i burn them so quick, i can't see buying expensive ones
4. you want your decor to draw people in. if it looks boring to you, it will look boring to others
5. switch it up and move things around often
6. i layer my framed pieces. it allows me to show off more prints
7. make your own wall art. it's cheap and you can make it your own.
8. invest in prints that you will love forever. i love my nuns in bumper cards and now i love my wall print so much. that wall is gone, but my print is with me forever. 

thank you so much TinyPrints for my gorgeous print! it's beautiful and looks amazing.


Posted on: 6.26.2014

I won't ruin your guy's day and tell you how much i spent on this beautiful piece of furniture. because you would cry. but i found it at the thrift store and fell in love. luckily for me, my cousin's husband told her she couldn't have it so it was all mine. (love you, Brie! and thanks Kyle ;) ) with very little effort, it shaped up rather nicely. it was missing that bottom left hand drawer, but amazingly enough my record player fit perfectly in that spot. here's a quick process! 
i'm pretty proud of this piece. the stain cost more than the dresser itself and i've been looking for a dresser with those gorgeous peg legs for months. It's a Mainline by Hooker which makes beautiful pieces. Advice: Always stain with the grain, stir (never shake) your stain and let each stain application sit for 6 hours (i only did two coats) 

oh and by the way, the dresser was $3. ok you can hate me now. 


Posted on: 11.04.2013

mr erno invited me  to do a home tour a few weeks ago and i was so excited! i love these home tour things. 1. i'm pretty proud of this apartment and how good it looks and 2. it's the perfect excuse to clean the sh*t out of it. seriously, it's never cleaner than when i am getting ready to take photos of it. head over to his blog (he writes a french blog, but the interview is written in english) and check it out. 


Posted on: 10.20.2013

ok so last month, at the city flea, a vendor had about 20 of these pull down maps. vintage, of course. and i turned around for a split second and then turned back around and then they were all gone and then i was sad for days. i've searched ebay (they are practically a million dollars on there) and kept an eye out at every flea and antique shop. no luck. so i went out on a limb and put in on facebook "hey any of my teacher friends! (i have a lot of teacher friends) will you guys keep an eye out for me for a pull down classroom map?" i just sort of put it up to cover my bases but figured nothing would really come about it. and thennnnn a girl that graduated a year above me, that i've never even spoken to, messaged me "hey girl! i found you a map. when can you pick it up?" and i about fell over in happiness. so we went to pick it up, and it's absolutely perfect. isn't it gorgeous? never even been used mind you. 
oh, and I've been really into making smoothies, lately. irrelevant. 


Posted on: 9.02.2013

so it all started when i found these little copper canisters at the thrift store for a quarter each. 
they were each black and dirty and with a little copper cleaner, they are now being buried with me. aren't they cute?? 
and after that stroke of good luck, i found succulents that were on sale for about $2 each at the market. sooo, you see where we are going with this. i love succulents. they are sooo low maintenance, they don't shed leaves and petals when they are starting to die and they are sooo cute, right?? 
so i took 40 minutes out of my day yesterday and potted them up! here's what i did, with photos to guide you. duh. 
1. line the bottom of each container with rocks, just a single layer is good! 
2. add a little bit of soil to each container
3. remove your plants from their plastic containers and put them in your new containers
4. once your plant is in the new container, fill the sides with soil so you fill the container to the top. 
easy cheesy! 


Posted on: 2.10.2013

today, i'm giving thanks for my amazing friends. we celebrated one of my dearest from work today! she's expecting her first baby in march and we are soooo excited! another coworker, jessica, hosted with me and i think we pulled off a pretty dang good shower!! We were up since about...oh... the crack of dawn getting it set up and actually ran into each other at the grocery this morning on her way to my house. whoever decided on a brunch shower was out of their mind (yes, that would be me. never again!) but i love having my house full of people and if you can throw in babies and sangrias, i'm all about it! here's a few photos. 
this little guy pretty much stole the show. THOSE CHEEKS! 
hope you enjoyed yourself, leah. we love you!

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