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Friday night cleaning and just a little bit of wedding advice

Posted on: 9.02.2017

while nothing on the planet would thrill me more than Andrew and I both having a "normal" schedule, it just isn't in the cards, yet. The guy works everyday sometimes from morning to the next morning and I hate it so much. Someday, maybe, we'll be able to get all dolled up and take a night out on the town, but for the moment I'm flying solo on Friday night activities. But, I do my best at not being a lazy ass when he's at work. As soon as I get off work, my little routine starts with cleaning the house. I run around and throw in a load of laundry, maybe scrub the few dishes in the sink with my new Meyer's radish dish soap (yum), and vacuum. And lately, I've been trying to do a deep cleaning project every week as well and let me just tell you, it's been the best choice ever. 

This week, it was cleaning out the kitchen drawers, fridge, and cabinets. 2/3 of our wedding registry is kitchen goodies and the idea of putting them in a dirty kitchen totally skeeves me out. But in our house, Andrew is in charge of all food activities. He does the grocery shopping, the food making, and so on. So what goes on in that room of the house isn't really much of my bees wax. But yesterday, I went to the grocery after work and once I got home to unload everything I realized that our kitchen... Needed a little lovin'. And so, with a 7pm coffee in my system and Netflix by my side, I made that kitchen my b*tch. 

First, I emptied out each drawer, one by one. For the love of god, do not do all of the drawers at one time unless you're in the mood to sit on the kitchen floor and get waaay too overwhelmed. Once the drawers are each empty, I vacuumed them to get rid of all of whatever the hell was in there (dried up food, rice EVERYWHERE, a few pistachios that I threw into my mouth without thinking... Don't do that, either)  I wiped each drawer down with a hot wash rag and soap, too. Then, the fun part. Going through all of your stuff. A few posts back, I mentioned that we have a nice little registry made up on Amazon. It's nothing crazy or extravagant but I'm super excited to get all of my new dishtowels up and displayed proudly. But while doing a registry, it's VERY easy to get carried away. It's almost too easy to hit "add to registry" without remembering that our friends and family will be seeing it. So while cleaning out all of our drawers- and discovering that we owned ELEVEN wooden mixing spoons- I was able to go back onto our registry and remove a bunch of things (who knew that we already owned a cooling rack and two casserole dishes? Yes!) 

so for anyone out there- be you a couple headed out to create a registry or just a person that loves to go through the kitchen section at TJ Maxx, pump the breaks. Go take a look at your inventory first and figure out what you need, what you have, and what you have that you don't need first!
but before you go deep clean your own kitchen, wanna come pick up all of these mason jars and pizza cutters? That'd be great.

and thank you, Mrs. Meyers!

bitchin' from the kitchen

Posted on: 8.19.2017

I guess I'm no different than any other bitchy bride out there but I'm soo ready for this wedding to be here so life can go back to normal. We are knee deep in it, going a million miles, and knocking out our check list left and right and it's super exciting but I'm very much ready to relax and eat what I want again.. oh, and cut my hair. I can't wait to chop off all this hair. New last name, new short bob with layers.  I have a very clear picture in my mind of my new haircut and it makes me positively giddy! but, in the meantime, we're trying to get sexier over here. Andrew has joined a gym and I have been doing my very best to avoid carbs at all costs. I count out crackers and read labels and obsess over trying to lose this little belly pooch if it kills me. While I know that no one is force feeding me and it's 100% my own genetic, lazy fault, I do partially blame my birth control (in all fairness, my doctor did say "you will 100% gain weight on this" ... I didn't care. So I knew what I was getting into) but man! 

It is hard! It is so stressful to worry that your dress won't fit or that your photos will pick up any imperfections. You'll see later, this dress has no room under the service for corsets and girdles and magical tape. It puts it allll out there... So here I am, trying my best to become more acquainted to my kitchen. I'm eating more fruits and vegetables than I ever have in my life and I feel good about it but mannnnn I can't wait until our first official day as husband and wife, putting our apartment back in order and opening up all of our new wedding registry goodies and loading up our kitchen with new pots and pans...  To make me all the pasta and bread I want! Mwahaha *insert laugh/crying emoji here* 

weekend links I love

This Friends Plot Twist will turn you upside down. I now hate Ross. How did that happen?
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cookbook that donates all proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Yes yes yes.
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We are over here building a new bookshelf, finishing up our save the dates, and keeping the windows open as long as possible. We are also dog sitting for the cutest little creature that looks like a Gremlin and likes to hide hamburger buns under our bed. Enjoy your weekend! 

"You've Got Mail" is kind of the worst and here's why:

Posted on: 8.13.2017

So I just made Andrew sit through one of my favorite romcoms and now, it's ruined for me for life. Watching it with someone in 2017, who has never seen it before, was probably the worst mistake I've ever made. We weren't even 10 minutes in before I asked Andrew what he was thinking about it so far and he quickly responded with "these people are awful". After I laughed for a few seconds at his quick response, I thought for a second. I was just about to explain to him how they weren't awful at all but... I couldn't. He was 100% right. I had never noticed it before because I guess I love a good romantic ending and who cares how much lying is going on by the main characters as long as there is a big, wet kiss right before the credits role? Which is exactly how "You've Got Mail" ends.

After months (in "movie" time) worth of lying, omitting, and acts of infidelity toward their partners, the lead actor and the lead actress run off into the sunset. Now, I've seen this movie 50 times and before tonight, each time it got better and better. But now, I realize if this same movie were to be shot today, it would include tinder or snap chat to allow people the opportunity to see if the grass might be greener on the other side. 

If you've never seen the movie, it's set in the late 90's when the internet and emails was a newer idea for the masses. Two people, clearly unhappy and unfulfilled in their relationships, venture into a chat room and innocently begin a conversation... for months, without knowing who the other one is. After two hours of dramatic irony and one million little lies, the two wind up together and live happily ever after on the Upper West Side with their golden retrieve. They also have a pretty damn good "how did you guys first meet?" story, right? At least that's what I thought until it became clear just now that this movie is kind of the worst! Or at least what its message is.

You watch these two people, from the very opening scene, become practically giddy when their SO's leave the apartment for the day. They both jump out of bed and at the chance to grab their laptop, check their messages, and smile ear to ear to chat back and forth with each other. This. Is. Terrible. It's not even slightly different from waiting until your boyfriend is out of the room to swipe left and right on your secret tinder account or check your snapchat messages for anything exceptionally juicy.

You can send messages back and forth and delete them with ease and as soon as you hear those steps coming down the hallway, you can throw your cell phone under the bed (if you've seen this movie... Do you remember the scene where she's writing her email to dude and then she hears her boyfriend walking in? and she immediately slams her laptop shut and then asks her boyfriend for a huge favor!? I mean come onnnn, Kathleen. I would love to think that these types of behavior have gotten better in the world of dating, but let's get real. Hell, I would argue that they are worse. People become bored or mad or unfulfilled in their relationships and instead of doing the noble thing- being honest and leaving your damn boyfriend the right way- they creep around in the dark corners of the internet looking for gratification from someone else. 

I have no resolution to writing story lines like this (from 20 years ago. sheesh. How much worse could it get 20 years from now?) hell, this isn't a problem that I have anymore. But after watching it with someone's new eyes, it has kind of left a terrible taste in my mouth of what we've been taught or wired to think is acceptable. This movie just kind of advocates things like dipping your toe into the unknown, omitting information to your partner and being disloyal but it's ok, because in the end, they fall in love! 

 Nope. Nope. Nope. 

a trip around the living room

Posted on: 8.12.2017

After weeks of not writing, why wouldn't I do a post when I'm sitting by myself on a Saturday night watching You've Got Mail? It just seems fitting. Life has been upside down lately with home projects, wedding planning, and sleeping but ya know what? I looked around the living room yesterday- our main space- and it just seemed appropriate to take a photo or ten of what all is happening in here right now. My step mom has a keen eye on finding antique treasures and found us the most beautiful Persian Sarouk rug for our living room. 

Last week, we bought a $10 bucket of black paint and gave the piano a new look. And also last week, something very exciting for me happened. This apartment has been filled to the brim with second hand pieces from thrift stores, Craigslist and from the side of the road on garbage night. I've been searching for weeks for a pair of arm chairs to go in our living room and I finally decided it was time for us to have a brand new piece of furniture (two, actually!) that I wouldn't be bartering the price for. A pair of chairs that we could really wear in for the next few years. I found a pair that were pretty similar to what I wanted and after reading reviews and staring at them for a few days, I bit the bullet. The day that they arrived was a particularly terrible day for me at work so you can imagine my delight when I came home to the chairs finished and set up by Andrew! 

I have posts of this space that go back years and years and I love to see how much it's changed. I'll be thirty this year and, I don't know, maybe that's what's guiding the steering wheel on all of these little changes I'm wanting to make. Food that I would have never eaten before, I love. (tomatoes. peppers. I mean seriously, I'm a new woman) and foods that I used to love I wont eat anymore because I've gained weight that would have never happened a few years ago (I miss you so much, burger king. It hurts) and so, with a maturing palette for food comes an even more maturing style in design. Our space is being filled with more neutral and matted tones, with small pops of color here and there. One big statement rug will do the work of 50 trinkets when it comes to wanted a focal point in a room. I'm so done with having stuuuuff everywhere and I'm proud to say that we are slowly clearing this space out to only house things that we love and mean the most to us. Here's a few photos of things around here lately.   

a peak into our wedding registry!

Posted on: 7.28.2017

I completely agree with anyone that says "making a registry is hard". I'm a thrifter by nature and I pride myself on being able to find treasures for a steal. I've bought my fair share of cheeseboards from Pottery Barn for brides and even as I was standing at the cash register, I was saying in my head I could have found at the thrift store. And I went back and forth between "we do not need this" to "this is our wedding and it's special and we should treat ourselves!" so our registry grew a little bigger than maybe I planned our expected... but ya know what? It's a once in a lifetime experience (fingers crossed haha) and if I want new towels, I'm gonna registry for new damn towels! We decided to registry on Amazon because it literally put the entire world at our fingertips and people could search on it from the comfort of their couch. It is super fun getting notifications as things get crossed off and I will probably do a back flip when the first box shows up! Eek! So are both adding our own little bits to the registry, but here are some of my favorites! 

1. Dish towels. I know I'm getting older because I spent 30 minutes reading reviews and picking out dish towels. I'm not kidding. Andrew got up, went and got a shower, and came at sat back down. It took that long to decide on these!  
2. Ceramic Mortar and Pestle. I think M&P's are beautiful just sitting out on the counter, but I know that my future chef husband is going to get lots of use out of it for making his herb and spice magic. 
3. Measuring cups and Spoons. I've had the same gently used pieces since I've lived on my own. It's time they matched and are crack-free. 
4. Dutch Oven. I've loved Le Creuset from a distance for a while, but there was no way in hell I was going to put a $400 dish on our registry. We'll see how this cheap guy works out and if we love it, maybe we'll upgrade someday. (we can put that on a baby registry, right?)
5. Cheese Board Knives Set.  Cheeseboards have become my new favorite food. How do I not have a cheese knife set already?!?
6. Anti-freeze ice cream scoop. This house doesn't have an ice cream scoop yet. This one reminds me of my grandma's house and I love that rough finish on it. 
7. Turkish Cotton bath towels.  If Andrew and I could each only register for one item, towels would be mine. For years, I've wanted all matching white towels. They are what I'm most excited for!
8. Japanese porcelain serving dish. I mean.... It's just pretty. And I love it.      

our registry is live and ready to go with lots of treasures that I'm so excited to keep and enjoy for a million years. How exciting is all of this?!
registry here
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