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New Glasses from Warby Parker

Posted on: 3.25.2017

As a small kid, one of the worst things I ever did was cause years worth of trouble for my parents and myself. In grade school, I thought it would be sooo cool to have glasses. And when the school brought someone in to give all of us kids an eye exam, yours truly lied through the whole thing. like...I lied my ass off.... and by doing so, I destroyed my eyes. I had a very strong and very wrong prescription for years and after that, my eyeballs were toast and I couldn't see my hand pulled away from my face and so, it was about 10 years ago that I was given a pretty sweet gift from my parents. (could I have been a more needy child?) The gift of sight. On a whim, my mom took me to get tested for laser eye surgery, and in a matter of hours, I was getting numbing drops squeezed into my peepers and going under the knife, metaphorically speaking. I remember the process taking under 5 minutes and the room smelling like sautéed mushrooms. I bawled my eyes out on the way home (it was the only thing that felt remotely good on freshly zapped retinas) and passing out with a giant Percocet doing its job. I woke up the next day with 20/20 vision, after being legally blind for years. and while even though it was nothing short of disappointing to see myself clearly in the mirror for the first time and wish I had been prettier, it was a beautiful gift to be able to see my alarm clock in the morning. 

It wasn't until I got a desk job that I realized the constant strain I put on my eyes. Once I had eye surgery, I kind of convinced myself that my eyes weren't something I needed to maintain anymore. But sitting in front of a computer screen for over eight hours a day has put a toll on my sight and when a coworker let me try on her reading glasses, I knew it was time for something. I'm in no financial state or medical need to get laser eye surgery any time soon, so it seemed like the best time to look into a nice pair of glasses, at least for when I'm at work. I knew I wanted them to be in a neutral palette, have a sturdy design and a more modern look. I searched online for a while and found plenty of sites offering a deal of the week to try glasses and then I finally stumbled onto Warby Parker. I've had a few friends and coworkers mention this site so I figured a click to check them out wouldn't hurt and I'm so glad that I did. 

WP is so genius and convenient and well priced that I can't say enough good things about them. With soooo many options to choose from, in reading glasses and sunglasses, you'll be shopping for hours and here's the best part. WP works in a way that has us, the buyers, in mind. They allow you to pick out 5 pairs from the site to ship directly to your home so you can try them on and model them at your leisure. The days of sitting in a room filled with way too many glasses under florescent lights and having strangers all around are no more. I was able to pick out 5 pairs of glasses and they were at my house within 3 days. All the styles I went with were pretty similar: a boxy shape in design, neutral in color in color, and all around the same price range. Not pictured is a red pair I rented just for fun. They did not love my face at all. I decided that Orson and I were a match made in four eyes heaven, with kind of a tortoise shell look to them, they are super cute! and this Home Try-On gig isn't just for the elite. It's for everyone! you can jump on their site right now and shop til you drop, wait for the glasses to get to your house, and duck face all day long in the mirror at your new face with flare! 
this post was sponsored by Warby Parker  

a recipe: homemade parmesan french fries

Posted on: 3.10.2017

searching for a quick and easy recipe for homemade french fries took me down a loooong rabbit hole of blogs, youtube videos, and cookbook pages. so i'll spare you a long, drawn out "this is why I love french fries!" story and just cut straight to it! these take hardly any time, ingredients, and i could eat 500 of them. (this recipe will serve 2 normal people or 1 Jamie Dawn, change it as you wish!)

// what you'll need //
2 large russet potatoes
1/2 cup EVOO
1 Tbl garlic powder
1 Tbl seasoned salt
1 Tbl parmesan, grated 
extra parmesan will be needed to throw on those bad boys later. 

// preheat your oven to 425
// cut your potatoes into a "french fry" shape. 
like, down the middle long ways and then into strips. does that even make sense? probably not. just try your best! not too thin, not too thick. you'll figure it out!
 // mix all the other ingredients together in a bowl and dump your uncooked fries in. 
// toss them around and coat them evenly in the mixture 
// lay out your fries in a SINGLE LAYER across a baking sheet and throw them in the oven for 30 minutes, flipping them half way thru (at 15 minutes, sprinkle some extra parmesan on them. just for fun. you can also add more grated parmesan once they're cooled and right before serving. yum) 
// let them hang out on the baking sheet for a few minutes before removing/serving. 

my female nude wall

don't you just love when you have a vision for a project and it turns out exactly how you wanted? I personally do mental backflips in these rare life occurrences. and I don't know if it's from getting older, learning about my style more, or taking my time on project visions, but lately all of these little home makeovers have turned out exactly how I had envisioned (if not better) and it's been the best feeling. I would be rolling my eyes reading this if I were you, but I just have to say that this little apartment has really been getting shaped up lately into a real beauty. every room is now my favorite room of the house. i love the high contrast of black walls and white blankets in the bedroom, the clean and modern aesthetic in the kitchen, and now I love love love my bathroom. I have been excited for weeks to get this project going and finished and it kind of came out of nowhere. I saw a print about a month back that was literally just the words "GET NAKED" in black and I loved it. and then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought this way would be way more fun. 
between women's marches, national women's day, and everything else going on in the world that centers around women and all of their wonder, I couldn't help but work on a project that showcased ladies and all of their parts. So many of my friends from across the country (and even a few across the pond!) contributed pieces to this and I couldn't be more obsessed. Some of them are self-sketches, some are from art classes, and some are just made from memory of no one in particular. Either way, I'm sure that the women in these pieces felt vulnerable and scared and probably didn't like one aspect of the piece or another. But I would like to believe that they were also proud of sitting for the pieces and felt beautiful and confident and knew that their bodies were perfect. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this. My new favorite room. 

getting back to pretty skin

Posted on: 3.09.2017

about five months back, I started a new birth control that has completely turned my skin upside down. they laid me down, injected some little matchstick looking thing into my arm, and i've been baby-less ever since. thank you technology! is that tmi? i"m not sure. but we talk about most everything in this little corner of the internet from one night stands to my favorite dessert recipes so whatever. let's move on. anyway, prior to this new birth control (which is amazing. i can't stress enough how much i love it aside from my skin being a litte more fickle) my skincare routine was as simple as coconut oil at night and that was about it. god, i was so lucky and didn't even realize. i had terrible skin in high school and college and while it kind of sort of followed me into adulthood, for the most part i couldn't really complain. because i don't think you're allowed to complain about your skin when you go to bed with a face covered in makeup after spending countless hours working in a hot bar.

BUT! now that i'm pretty far into my late twenties, things have changed. Ohhh boy have they changed. between a new birth control changing my hormones, countless years of using the tanning beds (i know. so gross. shut up) and from looking at people like they're dumb for years (does anyone else have that terrible wrinkle between their eyebrows? from literally looking at people like they're crazy? maybe it's just me) it was time to change things up. i've tried every OTC product out there and maybe they take more time than I'm willing to give them to see a difference, but nothing was making the cut and i wasn't seeing any progress. it would all feel good and "clean" in the shower and moments afterward, but I wasn't seeing or feeling a difference in my complexion. i would put clearasil all over my face and ruin my clothes. sad. womp. and soooo here it is: my dream team. after lots of time researching, asking friends with pretty skin, and paying attention to prices and reviews, i've came up with a quick little list of my 5 favorite skin products that are helping to get my complexion back to normal; From helping with winter skin blues, getting rid of acne and blemishes, and reducing my wrinkles.  

Tea Tree Sheets have become my favorite for a quick swipe of clean goodness across my face when i'm in a rush or ready fall asleep standing up. i still bartend on the weekends and when you get home at 4:30am, the last thing i'm wanting to do is give myself a facial. So these totally do the trick. They're cheap, smell amazing, and get all the makeup crud off of my face, chest, and neck before I crash into bed. I also have a terrible habit of touching my face all day while i sit at the office so i have taken a pack of these to my desk to wipe my face with them throughout the day.

i probably don't need to rant and rave much about the benefits of Tea Tree Oil so i won't waste the keystrokes. it's amazing for your complexion and dries blemishes right up. i put it on trouble spots before bed. 

i got a Dry Body Brush about a month back and it's the coolest fad i've jumped onto lately. i've struggled with body acne forever and a few quick swipes with this brush in the morning or before showers helps get blood moving and increases cell reproduction and seems to be helping a bit. Maybe it's all in my head but that's enough for me. Also, scrub your ass and thighs with it to reduce your cellulite. then go have an icecream cone to celebrate your smooth and pretty tush. 

i keep a tube of Absinthe Hand Cream at my work desk and apply it probably 4 times a day. it keeps my hands and arms moisturized, smooth, and smelling too good for words. 

and finally, i saved the best for last. a friend of mine introduced me to Hyaluronic Acid Serum back in december and you guys- this stuff is so so great for wrinkles. after i get out of the shower and and dry off, just before bed, i dab (yes, this bottle comes with a dobber. double win) across my forehead and under my eyes. it has made a drastic difference in the tightness of my skin and has already helped reduce my wrinkles. 

so there ya have it. my stuff. it might not be for everyone, but it was very discouraging watching the downward spiral of my skin for months so when i started to notice an improvement, it only seemed right to give a little (non sponsored) product shout out. 

a kitchen makeover

Posted on: 3.06.2017

for years and years, I've hated my kitchen. granted, it kept my cookie dough safe from danger, but the room gets very little sunlight, the walls are dark, and it was just a totally sad cave-like space. But when Andrew moved in, one thing became very apparent: Jamie would be spending a lot more time in that kitchen. Andrew's favorite thing to do is cook meals for us and so I knew that I wanted to make the space somewhere that was more aesthetically pleasing to hang out in. I've dreamt of finishing this kitchen for literally about 4 months, but we wanted to paint the rest of the apartment first, finish up other projects, and most of all we wanted to enjoy our trip to Vegas without a project being half finished. Soooooo fast forward a few weeks and here we are: The whole kitchen took about $500 and 5 days (that's including a $100 hood range so I'm pretty damn happy about it) and was a pain free experience, mostly (i would be lying if I didn't note a few snippy comments back and forth between us. PSA: if you notice a kind of crooked cabinet knob that your boyfriend installed... just let it go. crooked means character!) I linked at the bottom our paint color, a few accessories, and the wall brackets! I hope you like the kitchen makeover as much as I do! 
Cabinet paint: Glidden 
Wall brackets: Home Depot
Wood stain: Minwax 
Cabinet pulls: Houzz
Hood range: amazon
Clear glassware: Ikea
Toaster: Overstock 

as you could imagine, most everything else is from TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or lucky thrift finds. 

Building Value in Northside

Posted on: 3.01.2017

eventually, the day will come when we buy a house. I'll be stressed and worried for months or years to find the perfect place that has all the things I want: a yard, good lighting, and a garage. OH MY GOD a garage. I love this apartment so much and we'll be here until literally, the perfect home falls into my lap and we buy a place, but it's always fun to think about how I would go about restoring a place someday. If I could rub a lamp, Andrew and I would buy a house for cheap and gut the hell out of it. Props to the people that build homes, with their clean slates and no mystery of history, but I personally see us buying a house that has old bones and lots of room for restoration. 
I'd like to think I'm pretty good at salvaging and when I found Building Value down the street from my apartment, I nearly lost my mind. I went there in the hopes of finding some reclaimed barn wood for a kitchen project but ended up being far too distracted by all the gems that this place had to offer. Old doors, slabs of marble, and clawfoot tubs as far as the eye could see. I'm only sharing this knowledge (could I be any more selfish? probably not) because it will be a looooong time before I can actually benefit from this place. (damn you, renter's life) but if you're currently gutting your home and wanting to fill it with historical magic (for SUPER cheap) head over to Building Value. They're super friendly, knowledgeable, and I can't mention enough how well priced they are. You're welcome!! 
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