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Happy Pots

Posted on: 4.09.2015

a few weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine came over and i told her that i wanted to redecorate my apartment. i couldn't even finish my sentence before she told me, in the sweetest way possible, "you need more plant life in here. it will liven things up."i looked around and realized holy crap, she was right. i had literally no plants in my apartment except for maybe a dead succulent or two that i hadn't yet given a proper burial to. with that all being said, i spent the next few days and weeks looking up indoor plant life and now i've become obsessed. i feel like i've almost wasted 3 years of living here by not having this place filled with plants to soak up all that natural light i get. i have the blackest thumb and the proof is in the terra-cotta pots for sure but i did a little research and looked up what kinds of plants are the most forgiving and understanding of dippy girls that forget to water them. so here's a quick post on a few that i've chosen and how well they're doing! 
snake plants and mother in law's tongue are two favorites. named cleverly because they never go away, mother in law's tongue is one of my favorites in the house. also, the snake plant. he's tall and looks bad ass sitting against my brick walls. it's all about the aesthetic here, people. 
aloe. these guys are pretty easy as well, just don't over water. that soil stayed damp for a few days and i love the wild lines that he creates. he's my least civilized plant, doing and growing whatever way he wants but he's a favorite. 
all along my windows, i have herbs and succulents. they're little and dainty and look good stacked and clustered together. i got most of the succulents and cacti at home depot and ikea and the herbs were from Trader Joe's. I don't think I paid more than $4 for any of them and they're  all holding up pretty well. I've learned the key to keeping succulents alive is not looking directly at them or caring about them too much. They're like a house cat. Just leave them the hell alone and they're happy. 
Among my herbs are lavender, lemon grass, thyme and lemon balm. They all smell fantastic (in small doses) and only better cancel out the cigarette smoke and "puppy smells" that my apartment sometimes houses. Plus, with as tall of windows as I have, I kind of want to cry realizing how good they look filled with plants and knowing they've sat empty for years. Oh well, just gotta fill them up now! 
I'm on a constant hunt now for terra cotta pots and bowls to house all these suckers. I've found most of them at thrift stores (shocking, i know) but they're hard to find the closer we get to summer. I've spray painted a few pots in chalk paint and gold metallic paint and i love them both, but i want to keep a hodge podge of different textures on the bowls and pots. i found the most beautiful copper pot HUGE at the goodwill last week and set it down thinking i didn't really need it. i went back a few days later for it and it was gone. that has now become the biggest mistake in my life to date and i hope whoever bought her gave her as good of a home as i would have. the solution: always always buy everything i see that i even kind of like out of fear of having this feeling again. 

anyway, what are your favorite houseplants? what do you house them in? any cool ideas i probably haven't thought of? let a girl know! 

I love Mondays.

Posted on: 3.23.2015

how was everyone's day? amazing? super? oh good! it was a doozy over here! my roomie and i decided we would go out for a beverage or two last night and somehow someone at the bar picked up our set of keys. our only set of keys. it's amazing how quickly a night can go from dancing and singing elton john at the top of your lungs to yelling at someone for something that can't be controlled. i wrote a post a while back about losing keys and i couldn't help but laugh to myself when i was once again locked out of my apartment (and this time, my car too!) a friend of ours drove us home at about 4:30 in the morning and luckily we were able to get it. THEN today another friend of ours drove us to the car dealership so that i could get a new key made. it was $20 and i will be going tomorrow to buy 4 more copies. this problem won't happen again! i'm leaving a spare key at my moms, my coffee shop and probably my x's house, too. it was a looong night and a long day but i played one of my better games of pool while we were at the bar so i guess that counts for something. glass half full, people! 
my hair has been getting more and more wild all the time and i can't decide if i care or not. i never brush it or condition it and rarely blow it dry. i usually just go to bed with a wet bun and hope for the best in the morning. and by day 4? i think it looks gooood. granted you couldn't get a hand thru it to save your life, but it's all i'm working with. also, it was rainy a few days ago. irrelevant. 
i try and meet up with my dad as often as i can. for lunch, mostly. he's the most simple, sweet, easy to talk to guy and it's always nice to talk to non judging ears. i can tell him about any problems or any old thing going on in my life and he never makes me feel nuts about any of it. he decided on going to a chinese buffet and i decided i needed a soft serve ice cream cone for the drive home. 
a girlfriend of mine came over last week to give me some homemade tattoos and she told me that my apartment could use some more life, botanically speaking. and i couldn't have agreed more. so a few days later, i hit up my home depot and ikea and grabbed some beauties. a snake plant, an aloe plant, some things that i have no idea what they are, and of course a few cheap succulents because succulents. it was money well spent and brings so much more life to my living room. pun IN-TEN-DED. 
saturday was dedicated to my rachel, the bombshell blonde up there. we celebrated her bridal shower back in my hometown and it was wild to be back. i grew up in a really small, country town where everyone's parents had the same math teachers as you did and you most likely lost your virginity to the same kid you sat next to in kindergarten. we're talking field parties and bonfires, people. we had such a blast though. we spend the day with her and family and watched her open presents but that night we went out. like OUT OUT. we went to a few different bars, took shots, toasted rachel and had an absolute blast. these are the girls that know me best and i'm glad we're still so close with one another. 
i just liked this top photo because it showcases what will soon be spring. bikes galore and streets with people. people that have been cooped up in their apartments pissed off for the past 3 months. i love a good walk around this little town. a few nights back it was exceptionally warm out so i took full advantage and bronson and i took a good long walk. past coffee shops buzzing with people and bars with patios full of loud chattering and live music. bronson ate it up. he doesn't know a stranger and will approach literally anyone with hands available for petting. i'm so excited for the warm weather to be constant so we can make these walks our nightly routine. and it doesn't hurt that along our walk path lies the greatest little coffee shop. sidewinders is the best and has become a staple and making my mornings- er afternoons- better. mexican lattes. all day. that pic below is one hot and one cold. and those are muy bueno either way. 
and now, a few fun links around the WWW:

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happy mondayyyyy! 

opening Shop Jamie Dawn

Posted on: 3.22.2015

i knew about a million years ago that i wasn't destined to have a 9 to 5 job. the world of water coolers, rush hour traffic and pencil skirts never much interested my crazy brain and as much as i know it would be an easier and safer road to go down, it just was never for me. i can't be the only one out there that feels this way, right? i think most people that blog or even just read them already have a different way of looking at things. we document and write and share (a lot) and are artists in a way. granted, most words that i post on here are usually light hearted and never too deep or dark, but this is an outlet. i knew that if i could make a living (or at least a little extra cash!) doing something that i actually loved to do, i would be way happier than doing anything else and anyone that knows me knows i love a good thrift or vintage find.

 so a few months back i decided to open Shop Jamie Dawn, a vintage inspired resale shop of all the goodies i find when i thrift and flea. i was pretty proud to put my name on something and see where it would go because even if it crashed and burned, i hadn't invested a whole lot of money into it. i mean, i love everything i find and i only buy things i would use/wear/enjoy whether or not they sold so the goods definitely weighed out the bads when trying to decide whether or not to go for it. so i made the shop and it's been so much fun. i get a lot of feedback and every time i get an email that something has sold, my stomach gets all knotty and i get all antsy because that's crazy and wonderful that someone else out there loves a piece i found and they want to own it forever! (one of my first sales was a camel hair peacoat and the girl that bought it sent me a photo of herself wearing it. she thanked me for it and said such sweet things about my shop and my style and I'm pretty sure i had the most stupid smile on my face for about 20 minutes. how amazing is that?) anyway…

i've bought plenty of things off shops via instagram and etsy and wherever else so i knew what appealed to me and what didn't as far as how other sellers went about packaging their products. everyone seemed to have a signature and i wanted to have my own, too. and i wanted to make sure it was something i would love for a while and not get sick of seeing. when i first started blogging, i named my page "Apples and Apricots" because i liked alliterations and i heard somewhere that january (my birthday month) was apples and apricots month… so random and dumb and ill thought out because anytime someone said "why is it named that?" i didn't have a good answer. so when i renamed the blog Love Jamie Dawn and i figured it was a smart idea.  after all, it's my name and always will be and i'll never get sick of seeing it. (i may have gotten a little sad when i saw that a world famous blogger had changed her blog name to love insert her name here a few weeks after i changed mine. blogger struggles) i guess there's only so many ways to think of a blog handle. case and point- if you're going to start a blog/business or whatever, make sure it's a name you're cool with looking at for a while! 

anyway, i knew when i started  the shop, i wanted to go at it professionally. i wanted nothing to do with etsy or ebay or any other site that wouldn't give me freedom to do exactly what i wanted. i opened my shop on Squarespace and looooove it so much. they were very reasonably priced and had so many different templates to choose from. with little effort of my own, it looked like a real life page that some super smart computer wiz out there would make. when really, it was just me making it. sitting at my computer in my underwear blaring taylor swift and drinking hot chocolate probably. i also knew that i wanted to make a business cards and stickers. i liked the idea of adhering stickers to hold the packages together and slipping in a business card, too. i reached out to tinyprints  whom i've worked with before  here and they did not disappoint. i wanted my business cards to be fun, simple and most importantly, me. so i had them made using a background that was a cincinnati mural here that was torn down two days after i shot the photo. i'm so glad i took that photo because it's beautiful. the photo is my computer background, i have it hanging in my living room as a print and now it's my business card. when they came in, i was so proud of them. plus, it's been a long time since i've had a business card and that just sounds cool to say i don't care who you are! "hey, here's my card" helloooo. 

i was lucky enough that my stickers came from one of my bosses at the bar i work at. she owns an embroidery business and that makes stickers and trophies and was able to hook me up with super clean and easy stickers for my packages, too! 
don't they look nice? i think i reread them 20 times before sending them off to get printed. do you ever do that when you're getting something printed and you second guess the spelling? like, the word "jamie" didn't look right to me. neither did cincinnati. haha. 
in each package that goes out, i try and sent a little love note, too. it's always my favorite part of getting something personalized to me in the mail so it's important for me to do the same. i'll be writing a few more posts about what i'm learning the do's and don'ts are of starting up your own business because i think it's important to share the information. it's crazy now when people ask what i do, i tell them i'm a bartender by night and an online shop owner by day. i'm so proud of it and blown away by the people supporting it. be sure to keep eyes on the shop for new goodies hitting all the time. 

and have a great week, too! 

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