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Wee! It's the Weekend!

Posted on: 2.27.2015

Even though my week actually starts on Fridays (bartender life, am i right?) I still love a good weekend. My markets are open and my friends are more available to play and hang out with me. How sad is that to say out loud? But it was a good week. Like, a really good one. Here's my week's highlights:::

> That above photo is what happens in my apartment when the outside world is covered in snow and driving anywhere isn't an option. you clean. you wash your couch cushions and you rearrange your kitchen and you steam clean your carpets. Then you post a photo of reality onto the internet for the world to see. enjoy that. 

oh and hey, for extra fun while you read through this hot mess, listen to Ellie or Kelly and bop your head along.

And then watch this video because it's precious. 
Ellie obsessed over here. But don't you think it would be weird to film a music video acting like you're in love? unless you were in fact in love? or i guess that's what acting is? i'm rambling. carry on. but really, watch this video! >

> this is what Cincinnati in the winter looks like. those birds are crazy. I hope they have on UGG's under that water. 

> My favorite show House of Cards started back up today and I'm giddy. Kevin freakin Spacey. and to celebrate him, watch him impersonate other celebs. It's real good.

> I found the most simple and delicious recipe for hummus. roasted red pepper specifically. It's Here.

>I went on a date last night with a boy that works at a coffee shop. He let me come behind the counter and taught me how to make a latte. So naturally, I want to now master THIS.

 >I'm so ready for the snow to be gone. I miss my shorts and t shirts. Also, two hot baths a day has become normal around here. I get bored and sing and watch netflix on my phone while I'm in there but whatever.

> a few reasons why boys in their 20's date women in their 30's Here.

> I can't decide what it is I like or don't like about the jumpsuit. On one hand, they're versatile enough to be dressed up and down. but on the other, they do nothing for my ass and it's a huge process if you have to pee. jury's out.

> this week I also got a wild hair (Pun very much intended) to go back to my suuuuper blonde ombre. a blonde lifestyle suits me, I think. If you're in the Cinci area, Tiff at Pump is the bomb.

>My new favorite booties that I will be buried in. 

> i got to have a movie date with my best down in clifton. we went and saw Cake. I didn't know anything about the movie except that Jennifer Aniston was going to look awful in it and what else is there to know? 

> and this face, because we have stayed in a lot the past few weeks. I feel awful because I know he's bored out of his cute little mind, but it's just too cold outside for a pit. last week, we took a walk to the petstore to get his food. It's about 5 blocks away and the poor guy couldn't make it. So I carried him. I carried my 55 pound pit bull in the snow back to his home and I'm not sorry about it. just look at him! 

Have a great weekend, loves! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. 

My Mary Kay Favs & a Promo Code

Posted on: 2.14.2015

There are few things I love more than a good bargain. Well, bargains and products that work well and last a long time. I received a very sweet email from a girlfriend I went to school with about a hundred years ago asking if I would like to try out the products that she lives and breathes. I've known Jenn since middle school when we were all just a bunch of ugly ducklings trying to figure out how to be attractive and cool and normal. I'm pretty sure I was wearing white eyeliner daily and thought I looked hot when the rubber bands on my braces matched my outfits. So there ya go. Jenn was pretty then and even more gorgeous now and she can light up a damn room. And even though I will never have her body or her hair, at least now my face is reppin' the same crazy good products as hers. 

 I've never really tried Mary Kay products before now. I've only experimented minimally with things that friends have left over at my house or random products I've found in my mom's tackle box of makeup. (I have no idea who left their MK face wash at my house but TWO THUMBS way up for that liquid gold)  so I was happy to help… get new makeup goodies… whatever you wanna call it. She sent me a box of about two thousand samples and products to try out and I finally nailed down my favorites of the bunch. When it comes to my personal makeup routine, I like to focus on the eyes. I think mine are ok but if I don't have on mascara and usually some eyeliner too, I get a lot of those "is she sick?" looks from people. So I focused my top five products on the windows of your face. 

1. My absolute favorite thing she sent me that has changed my life forever: THE EYELINER. I have a few makeup artist friends that cringe at my face, but I will forever be a top and bottom eyeliner user. Deal with it. Also, I like a pretty thick line and I don't care who knows it. That being said, when my eyeliners wears off throughout the day, you can tell pretty drastically. Like, where did my face go? But holy sh*t the stuff she sent me is crazyyy good. It stays on all day, all night and into the next day. No seriously, I wore it the day of my birthday, then out that night then hungover all the next day and it was still going strong. How classy do I sound right now? 
2. Ok, quick detour out of eye country and over to hand land. I just had to mention the hand lotions she sent my way. Due to weather and already having pretty dry skin, I am a freaking lizard during the winter months. My skin practically comes off in my jeans at the end of the day and it's pretty gross and why am I telling the whole internet about it? Never mind. Just get the lotions and thank me later. 
3. Coming up right behind that perfect eyeliner was the mascara. It was that goooood thick black stuff that coats with just one swipe. Perfect for the gal that's doing her makeup in a hurry and using a spoon as a mirror replacement. 
4. I've become pretty proud of myself for venturing out there and getting pretty brave with the lips. Im usually a carmex, EOS, baby lips kinda gal but lately my lips are getting darker and darker. This stuff isn't so much dark as it is a fun pick me up color for the middle of the week. Plus, it lasts through about 3 vodka & tonics and a cigarette (it's just a happy hour people, relax) No but really, I think I put the stuff on around 4 pm and had to scrub it off at 2 am? Not too shabby for a girl that talks a loooot you would think that stuff would wear off faster!
5. And at the end of the day, this product is your dependable unsung hero that deserves a shout out. The one that keeps you from looking like a raccoon-eyed pizza faced hybrid. I usually use coconut oil as a makeup remover, but sometimes it smears it all over my face and becomes more work than it's worth. This makeup remover takes 1/2 a cotton ball per eye and gives you a clean face ready to hit the sack. 
Like I said, there were about a million awesome products that I got to try out, so if you want to grab some for yourself, you can hit the link below. Also, Jenn is allowing me to give my readers 15% off when you use the code lovejamiedawn at checkout. Whatta doll she is! 

Here is a link to Jenn's MK page  so that you can order your own bad ass eyeliner… or whatever else you want. Also, go to her page to learn more about upcoming and exciting events at MK. Thanks again Jenn for makin' me purdy!! 

How to Build a "Fauxplace"

Posted on: 2.09.2015

Hip hip hooray it pays to know people in this world, doesn't it?! I've been saying for months…maybe years… that the only thing my apartment lacks is a larger yard and a fireplace. (In case you've forgotten, I've improvised a yard as best I could. Pics here and here) Well, I was sitting at work a few weeks ago, whining loudly about my apartment woes and searching for mantels on craigslist when one of my bar regulars told me he could solve my problem. He has been remodeling his older house and didn't want to have a fireplace in one of the rooms anymore (I think that's the craziest thing I've ever heard, buuuut I wanted the mantel. Am I evil?) So he told me he would trade me the mantel in exchange for me to sew up a few pairs of his work pants that had taken a beating. Whatta bargain! 

Isn't she a beauty? I originally wanted her in my bedroom but my roommate propped it up against this wall and we agreed it just fit there perfectly. I haven't figured out how exactly to attach it to the wall permanently… I may not need to. I have one end being held up by a stack of heavy ass books and the other end being propped up by a chair that no one is ever allowed to sit in. Yes, I know, I would raise an eyebrow at how this is rigged up, too. But for now, it works. 

When it comes to mantels, I've seen them done a number of beautiful ways: nearly naked with just one or two pieces sitting on top, or decorated with hundreds of little knick knacks. I love all the ways! I guess my decor sense rests somewhere in the middle but maybe leaning toward the cluster-y side. I started with my biggest piece first: My haunted Ohio map, front and center. I built off of that with thrifted copper bowls, fresh flowers and other random "eye candy". Jon made that clay head back in high school and I think it looks sweet there. A friend of mine gave me that little rodent skull that kind of blends in secretly which I love. The cactus is an Ikea staple that most of us have in our homes because you can't beat $2.99 plants that require no maintenance. 

I hit the jackpot when I discovered a 3 foot tall stack of those terra-cotta tiles laying in my apartment building's laundry room. They have been just sitting there for 3 years and I feel no guilt putting them to good, gorgeous use. Dear landlord, I will return them if you don't love my fireplace set up. But I think you will! I laid them out 3 deep and about 12 wide down the wall before propping the mantel up on them and they made a huuuge difference in the overall look. If you plan on creating a faux fireplace at home, be thinking of this part. Will you use a slab of wood as your base? plastic? cloth? or be a bad mamajama like myself and use stolen terra-cotta tiles? 

I knew I wanted to fill the bottom with white candles because … pinterest told me to. But holy sh*t those things aren't cheap. I got all of the ones pictures from Ikea but it will be a long time before the space is full and perfect. It still looks pretty, though, when they're all lit at night. I love it. Moving on. I wanted something to fill in all of that white space so I hung my nuns there for the time begin. They may stay, they may go. I think they look kind of fun? or creepy? Who knows. By this point I was losing my momentum and vision. 

So there ya have it! I now have a "Fauxplace" for practically no money and I think she's pretty adorable. I love adding things to my home that look like they have been there for years and I think it fits in perfectly. yay! and here's a few photos, too, because this is a blog. Enjoy! 

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