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JD thrifts // how to decorate a dresser

Posted on: 8.07.2014

a few weeks ago, i posted photos of my new dresser. this thing was a total steal from the thrift store and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. For a while now, I've been wanting to have a print made up of a photo I have taken. I wanted to have a wall piece that I knew was made from something I snapped with my own camera. After looking around online, I found that TinyPrints had the best wall art options. So many size options and great prices. I knew that I wanted to have one of my photos printed off thru them to add to my dresser decor. Adding pieces around my apartment is one of my favorite hobbies. the sky is the limit and it's always fun to find something on a budget. (aside from my tiny print wall decal and the "nuns in bumper cars", everything shown above is thrifted) 

I thought it would be fun to write a quick post on what i like to do to style a large piece of furniture. I'll start by saying, I am NOT a minimalist. i like stuff and i'll scream it from the rooftops. so anyways, here's a few of the ways that i like to make my apartment decor fun and interesting! hope you enjoy! 
books books books. you can never have enough fun books with bright colors and fun titles to add to your home decor. most thrift stores sell books for a dollar and sometimes you can find them for even less. I always buy hardbacks and stack them up and use them to add height. 
these copper cups were a real steal for a few bucks a piece. they weren't this gorgeous when i found them, but with a little copper cleaner, they shined up beautifully. i use them to hold used matches, jewelry and candles. 
as you can see in the top photo, my $3 dresser is missing a drawer. And it was a stroke of fate that my record player fit perfectly in the missing space. 
i quickly painted this "think outside the box" print the other night and kind of love it. i love the simplicity of the black and white.
my print that i ordered from tiny prints turned out so great. a few weeks ago, i went around Cincinnati and took photos of my favorite street murals. 2 days after i took this photo, this wall was knocked down. i'm so happy i got a shot of it before it was gone and even more happy that i now have it printed up forever.  it's on the most sturdy thick canvas and the colors showed up beautifully! 

above my dresser, i have hanging a map of all of the haunted locations in Cincinnati. it's one of my favorite things in my house and it's actually a brochure that i had framed years ago. 
under my dresser, i keep my thrifted box of oil pants. it's a mess in that box… but hey, art is messy!
a few pieces of advice when decorating for yourself:
1. keep the bigger pieces centered, like larger framed pieces or bigger vases. 
2. i love fresh flowers in my house, so i try and only buy clearance flowers
3. same goes for candles. i burn them so quick, i can't see buying expensive ones
4. you want your decor to draw people in. if it looks boring to you, it will look boring to others
5. switch it up and move things around often
6. i layer my framed pieces. it allows me to show off more prints
7. make your own wall art. it's cheap and you can make it your own.
8. invest in prints that you will love forever. i love my nuns in bumper cards and now i love my wall print so much. that wall is gone, but my print is with me forever. 

thank you so much TinyPrints for my gorgeous print! it's beautiful and looks amazing.


Posted on: 7.24.2014

anyone that knows me knows that fairs are at the top of the list of things that make me happy- right next to carnivals, music festivals and parades. basically anywhere that provides overpriced lemonade and deep fried candy bars. so yesterday, my babe maria and i headed to our local county fair. i remember being younger and getting so excited to go to the fair. it was right around the time that you start getting your first crushes and experimenting with makeup. when you would go to the fair in the hopes of seeing the kid that you had a crush on at the end of the school year because it's now july and you missed them. you know what i mean. 

the fair isn't as glorious as it use to be, i guess because now i'm paying for my own caramel apples ($4. i nearly fell over) but there's still something so nostalgic about going and seeing the whole thing. anyways, we ate horribly delicious food, rode some rides and went thru the fun house before we decided we would be just as happy at the bar with an adult beverage. 
here's a few photos of our fair adventure! enjoy! 
i do NOT enjoy spinning rides. heights and speed? no problem. but spinning in circles is the worst. but when your best friend is begging you to face your fears and ride the thing, you just gotta. 
fun houses are not so fun when they add 15 pounds to your legs. yikes. 
if you wanna see past fair visits, you can check them out HERE and HERE!


Posted on: 7.10.2014

I would be lying if i didn't tell you guys I have seen a gorgeous mural in cincinnati sooo many times and turned my car around just to go and snap a photo of it. (this has happened more times than I would like to admit. Good thing everything that goes on the internet stays a secret) anyways, I thought it would be fun the other day to go around and snap a few photos of some of my favorite walls around my city. I love the detail that goes into each one and get so excited when i see a new one being started. and i've learned the hard way to snap a photo when you see it. don't wait. because they get redone alllll the time and it's a real bummer when you miss taking a photo of a masterpiece. 
Here are just a few from the other day, but I plan on adding to this photo collection. 
^ new creations! 
^ if you get down to OTR ever, check this baby out. so brilliant
^this was taken last fall, but it's too gorgeous to not include it. 

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