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currently // copying keys and breakups

Posted on: 4.19.2014

it takes one time to lock yourself out of your car or apartment to know that you will never make that mistake again. there's no worse feeling. i'll never forget years ago when i first move into this apartment, i walked out to the hallway to put my laundry in the washer. the second the door shut behind me, i knew F*CK! YEP. I'M LOCKED OUT. i stood there trying to figure out my next move and thank god my upstairs neighbor allowed me to sit awkwardly on his couch for the next hour waiting for jon to get home. luckily, he had a cool enough apartment that i had plenty of things to look around at without either of us feeling like we needed to talk to each other. So after that experience, I made spare key copies and hid them outside. I made copies of my key, my mom's house, my car, probably my neighbor's house key? hell, i don't know.

but today i had an epiphany. wouldn't it be fun- and not a bad idea- to make like… 20 copies of your house key and hide them all over? like… all over town? i think it would be hilarious. have one hidden at the playground up the street, one in the bathroom at the coffee shop and one in a sewer drain. it's like a fun little secret between you and the key. and it's not like you have to worry about someone finding it, right? i mean, if someone finds a keys in a bathroom and they figure out it belongs to my house?? well, my god they deserve to rob me. they have clearly earned it.

in other news, i don't get too personal on this little blog but i want to note that big changes have been happening in my life. jon and i broke up a few months back and i haven't really paid any note to it on here. i'm not really sure why? maybe because i'm pretty sure my mom and the girls who hated me in high school are the only people that read this thing? #creeps. but i guess i should acknowledge it! it was probably the healthiest breakup i've ever had. we didn't throw things at each other or say a bunch of mean crap. it was just sort of a parting of ways? i guess? i think you just hit a point where you wonder 'how much should a person be trying to change about themselves to make the other one happy'?  i don't know how it works, but we actually get along better now than we did for the last few months of our relationship. how hilarious is that!? i think it's ironic in a way, right?  i talk more honestly to him now and i don't get mad at him for all the ridiculous crap he does in his life because it's not my problem anymore. i can just like the guy for who he is and not wonder if he'll be a good husband or dad one day. being single again is a weeeeird feeling. holy shit i searched for blogs forever on "newly single girls in their 20's " and could barely find anything! i'm not divorced, i wasn't cheated on, i don't have kids that i need to be strong for. i'm just going through a breakup. (maybe that's the direction this blog is going? stay tuned) i think i'll be single for a long damn time. i'm going balls to the wall and trying to just create a healthier relationship with myself. although this breakup needed to happen, of course i went through your classic "what is wrong with me? what do i need to do to change myself?" phase. and then it just hit me- I'M AWESOME. i won't settle for anything less than the best relationship out there for me, even if i don't find it until i'm in a nursing home.

holy shit, this got deep. the point is, i've been kind of MIA on this thing for a while because i wasn't really sure how to go about addressing it and i didn't want to just keep posting bullshit posts on irrelevant things. i want this to be a space where i try and stay honest.

anyways, copy your keys!!

Sunday Cincinnati Style

Posted on: 4.02.2014

when Anne asked me to do a post for her (thanks again for the opportunity, doll!!)  I already knew what direction I was going to go: Cincinnati Sunday Funday, obviously!! anyone that follows me on instagram knows that I love my city and have the upmost pride for where I live. I have friends that live all over and though sometimes I daydream about living in New York or Los Angeles, Cincinnati will always be home and be where I plan on staying forever. 

Luckily for me… and you, too... this city is blossoming into a pretty amazing area for those of us looking for easy and cheap weekend fun. I took out my camera this past Sunday and photographed the day! Just your average Sunday in my world, but such a fun way to spend time with family and friends without breaking the bank. Sometimes I take it for granted that I have Findlay Market right down the road and OTR is just a hop skip and a jump away, too. They are my two favorite places to enjoy a Cincinnati weekend and I wanted to share a little more about them with you!! 
 I'll blame it on the weather, but every dang person I passed on Sunday was smiling. The sun was shining and you could see it on everyone's faces while they picked up their weekly fruits and veggies. Musicians playing in the streets, kids and dogs running around, and just a general warm and fuzzy feeling took over Findlay as if we were all saying together "You guys! We made it! Winter in Ohio is finally Over!! High Five!" or something like that… That being said, the warmer it  gets outside the more packed Findlay becomes! Make sure you get there early so you can get in the parking lot, but also keep in mind that some vendors start to sell their food at a cheaper price once the day starts winding down. It's always kind of fun to haggle, isn't it? 
Daisy Mae is my favorite fruit and vegetable vendor. Their prices are dangerously cheap and I can't help but buy waaay too much every time I'm there. That being said, if anyone needs some grapes… I have plenty. Just let me know! 
Andre, the gentlemen below with the bicycle, is one of my favorite things about Findlay market. Even during Christmas time when it was freezing, he sits there and sings his heart out about God and loving each other and just how we are all trying to make it. He's kind of the sweetest.
you'll see artists of all shapes and sizes and colors just doing what they love. This guy with the violin? Oh man. He was good. Like really really good. How can people be so good at things? Sometimes it blows my mind. And yes, I always tip the artist before snapping their photos! :) 
Once you have all of your groceries, head on back to your car and leave your loot. Trust me, you bought plenty. $20 at Findlay will get you 4 bags of fresh food and you won't be wanting to carry all of that around. So once I dropped off my food bag, we walked two blocks down to Rhinegeist to get some beers, pretzels and hang out with friends. 
 Now, have you been to Rhinegeist yet? It's amazing. The best set up hands down around Cincinnati for people to come and hang out. It's a huuuuuge warehouse with ping pong tables and corn hole boards where you can bring your kids and picnic baskets and hang out all day long. Which is pretty much what we did. You get there and set up on one of their long wooden tables, and just chill. It's such a laid back environment with a knowledgable staff, awesome beer selections and plenty of room for kids to wear off some energy.
After a few beers though, it will be time to get something a little heavier than a pretzel! So we headed over to Bakersfield for some drinks and Queso and tacos. I love it there because it's perfect for a sexy date night with your man or a fun brunch with your best friends. Either way, this is tacos and queso we're talking about here and who the heck doesn't love tacos and queso?  
 I'm sure not everyone that reads this will be from Cincinnati, so none of these places may apply to you specifically… but the point is: it's so important to love your home. Love where you're from and try to find your own special bond with your city. Cincinnati is mine and I love it here. Having markets and local hangouts that feel like they have been mine forever means the world to me and I feel very fortunate that my city works as hard as it does to make me as proud as I am. 
 Thanks again, Anne, for letting me share a day in Cincinnati! 

because painting beats crying

Posted on: 3.27.2014

it's been a rough couple of months over here. nothing that i feel like putting into words just yet, but one of those times in your life when you have to step back and reflect and figure out your game plan. Things that you thought were a sure thing disappear and events that you thought would never happen, do. While there are days that I just want to stay in bed and not face the world, I have tried to keep myself busy with positive things and even more positive people. 

One thing that I thought would be a great outlet for me to reflect and relax would be to try and take up painting. Now let me just say, I am NO artist. Hell, I can't even believe they even let me buy the paint. But so far, it's been relaxing, fun and … dare I say… beautiful? Anyone out there that creates art knows and appreciate how gorgeous this craft is. The dirty brushes are beautiful, the paint stained on your hands is beautiful, the palette of colors running together to create colors you've never seen before is beautiful. The lime green paw prints that now reside on your dining room table due to a way too curious cat- maybe not so beautiful- but still! 

I had a coupon for Michael's Craft store a few nights ago and totally invested. I bought a huge box of over 40 acrylic paints. I got brushes and paper and could not wait to get home and break into my new toys. It was so nice to let the stress of lately drain out of me and just put brush to paper, ya know? I'm not sure exactly what I painted. Maybe it's suppose to be waves in the ocean, maybe it's actually a bouquet of roses, maybe it's just a hot mess. But I will hold on to it as my first creation in this new journey and new positive creative outlet. 
^ my first painting!  ^ 
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