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Posted on: 9.14.2014

when I first received an email from a company called Man Crates I kind of cocked my head in confusion like a puppy because I had no idea what it was. After browsing their site, though, it's kind of a genius idea. They specialize in making gift "crates" for men for holidays and birthdays. Luckily I have a dad in my life that settles for a birthday card and a few balloons every year, but if you have a man in your life that's difficult to shop for, this site is right up your (and his) alley!

They reached out to me to create my own "crate" … a survival kit, if you will. Just a few certain items that I would curl up and die if I couldn't get my hands on them. So here's my list above!
I have a fairly modern apartment and this blanket gets thrown all over the place and matches everything it lands on, including my puppy and myself.
Whether i'm cleaning my apartment or rummaging through racks at the thrift store, I always have in my headphones. sometimes- don't tell anyone- i'll just pretend they're on while i'm shopping at the grocery store just to see if anyones talking about me. hashtag is that weird? 
 A friend of mine is a makeup artist and introduced me to this mascara a few months ago and I am obsessed with it. it makes my lashes look fake, and isn't that the point after all? 
Oh how I love my comfortable, durable birks. whether i'm pairng them with maxi dresses, jean cut offs or skinnies they always look good. 
You guys remember the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' where the dad thought windex would fix any problem? that's me with my coconut oil. I wash my face with it, I gargle with it and smear it into my hair at night. and … not to get too personal… but it's the only thing that doesn't give me razor bumps. cha-ching! 

Be sure to head over to Man Crates the next time you're looking for the perfect gift for that special dude in your life! 

gelato gelato gelato

Posted on: 9.11.2014

a few nights back, i was invited to an event that was right up there with christmas and birthdays. it all started when i got the best email of all the emails telling me i was invited to a special VIP only tasting at my favorite gelato shop, buona terra gelato. i brought my friend Lena with me because 1. she loves desserts as much as i do and 2. has very photogenic hands ha! 
we were greeted by Charity, my favorite gal behind the counter, and a plate of Gelato cake. Yes, reread that. GELATO CAKE. it was like ice cream cake, if ice cream cake could hold you at night and kiss your eyelids. i could have just sat and ate the cake all night and been happy, but we had plenty more to taste. 

Charity filled us up with the best freaking flavors of gelato you have ever experienced, including SWEET CORN & BERRIES. oh my gawwwd i nearly fell over this stuff was so good. Other favorites included lemon basil and a white chocolate that would make you forget all your problems. 

after working with companies around the city for so long, i've grown to appreciate companies that come up out of nowhere and are just trying to spread their love for a product to other people. that's what buona terra is doing. they loooove feedback and really listen to their guests. there are plenty of stores and restaurants out there- that shall remain nameless- that you could go to daily and they will have no idea who you are. this aint that kinda shop. our tasting ended with a survey so we could tell them things to improve on or things to make better, and i literally couldn't think of one single thing- except maybe move down closer to my house! 

if you get a chance to go in and meet these guys, please do! and even better if you have a flavor idea, shoot it their way! seriously, i made a list of flavor ideas for them and the list is hanging up in their breakroom. tell me that isn't cool! here's a few photos i snapped of the event!
thanks again, buona terra! also, go follow them on instagram Here

and this little hipster went to the market

Although I'm on pins and needles about fall being just around the corner, I'm sure going to miss my market trips. It's one of the biggest perks of summer: seeing the crowds, listening to the live music and picking up sinfully cheap produce. This past weekend I made it out for what will probably be one of my last trips of the summer. Once it starts cooling down, it turns into crockpot weather and me getting to the market happens less and less, ya know? 

 we got super lucky on this trip, as it was practically empty and we had all the vendors to ourselves. sometimes I feel like I take certain things in my city for granted. when it's super packed at findlay, i'll hear people saying that they traveled for hours to get there and it kind of blows my mind. findlay is right around the corner- well, 8 minutes with traffic- from my house and sometimes i feel like i don't appreciate it as much as i should. but nevertheless, we made it out and i'm so glad we did. 

I went with my best friend Maria and we made sure to hit up Taste of Belgium for blackberry tea and… you guys… I guzzled down two of them.  I can't go anywhere without grabbing a taco and she has a serious love for gelato so it was just one of those days that was made in heaven. As always, we snapped a few photos of our time at Findlay. 
^ this was right taken right before a woman came up to me and said she liked my "throwback louis vuitton" i wasn't sure what to make of it, but i think she was complimenting my 7 year old investment. 
 Jukebox t shirt ℅ Reck & Roll Vintage

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