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cincinnati eats: pi pizzeria

Posted on: 10.20.2014

so you know how sometimes, you'll go somewhere or do something out of the blue in the middle of your work week and it just totally amps you up?  it's like going on vacation at home. well,  for me, this past wednesday was one of those days. one of the biggest joys that comes from writing a blog about your city is that you get to experience some of the coolest things going on. i'm not going to lie- you kind of walk with your chest puffed out a little bit when you get to go to an event or a show and then tell others about it later, am i right? you guys get it. so anyways,  we recently became the latest lucky city to get a Pi Pizzeria and I personally welcomed it with open arms. I can eat pizza hot, cold or standing on my head so anytime there's an opportunity to get my hands on a slice, I've probably already called shotgun and am waiting for you in the car. 

our Pi is located right smack dab in the middle of downtown Cincinnati, and is inside one of the coolest buildings. think new york city loft meets marinara sauce. and that is pi.  we were greeted with the sweetest staff and everything was totally on point. they're known for their cornmeal crusts but we opted for the thin crust because we're wimps. It was pretty spectacular, though, so I don't know how it could be improved upon. I washed my slices down with the Pi2 cocktail, which is any basil lover's dream. 
the whole place was something i haven't seen around cincinnati yet and i'm so excited that they're here. it was just swanky enough for a hot date and just casual enough to go there with your girlfriends for lunch. I love places that are like that, don't you? it's like GOOD FOR YOU, RESTAURANT, FOR WELCOMING ALL OF US! 
here's a few photos i shot on wednesday during my tasting! 
The lincoln park / central west end (we did a half & half because I'm no good at making choices) 
the neatest piece of art was a floor to ceiling Pete Rose literally created out of dots? holes? tiny holes in a wall? I'm not really sure yet. I will have to investigate this piece further. it was kind of tricky to see, but I guess that makes it even cooler, right? 
homemade french onion dip and chips. i may have allegedly snacked on this dip for the next 2 days. and maybe i ran out of chips and just used my finger to eat it. it was that good. 
like i said, hot or cold works with pizza. so those boxes are still lingering around this house! hashtag college dorm. but really, all of you Cincinnatians out there need to get down to Pi and check it out in all of its glory. The perfect new addition to our city! 

Glad you're here, Pi! 
Excuse me while I roll out the welcome mat!

October City Flea

Posted on: 10.13.2014

this was past weekend was gooood. i hope yours was as well. but if not, you can just live vicariously thru mine, cool? i'll just stick with a quick priority moment of the weekend- saturday was the monthly City Flea! my favorite day of the whole damn month. working with the city flea team over this past summer has been a dream come true and for the october flea, i got to come as just a regular ol' visitor. i wanted to come and take pictures and search thru the goods and bring the puppy along, too. this was the best flea yet in my opinion, with some amazing new vendors and all of my familiar favorites. 

one of my favorite things about living in the city, and a small city at that, is that we all kind of come together for things like this and are all so proud of it. it's like a private cincinnati club that we're all invited to. so many different faces come out every month and it just keeps getting bigger and better- and more dog friendly i might add. (dogs. freaking. everywhere) the weather was absolutely perfect for an october day, almost like mother nature was letting us have just a few more beautiful days before she goes crazy this winter. i wore a light jacket and t shirt and was perfectly comfortable all day long and that never happens at the flea. let me explain. see, i always have to either by a thrifted sweater to help myself warm up or strip down to my wife beater underneath everything to try and cool down. for some reason i never dress correctly and i'm never comfortable all day long. but saturday? yeah, saturday was pure gold. my partner in crime maria came with me and as always, we had a blast. everyone needs that friend that you can take to any type of event or situation and god love maria, she's up for anything all the time. 

we ate korean bbq tacos and went thru racks and racks of gorgeous treasures. we brought bronson who ran around like a nut licking every other dog that walked by. he's hit puppy puberty so i really can't blame the guy. there was one girl that had a booth that literally looked like she had gone thru my apartment and was selling everything i owned. seriously, such similar style. and of course, i liked all of her stuff more than mine because i'm a girl and the grass is always greener and all that stuff. but i refrained from buying 8 serape blankets and 12 copper bowls and just took photos. but i gotta say, that chair you see up in that top photo? the one that i'm holding so proudly? i scored that baby for $10!! do you guys remember when i went to the House with all of the Vintage goodies ?  well he now has a booth at the city flea and had this amazing chair and i knew i had to leave with it. ironically, that t shirt i'm wearing up there was bought from him the day i went to his shop. so that felt kinda good, ya know? 
anyways, amazing day. amazing finds, perfect weather in a beautiful city. here's a few million pics of the day! enjoy your week! 

fall, so far

Posted on: 10.01.2014

just a quick post about what's been going lately! the above photo is of me and the new guy in the apartment, bronson. he's about …14 weeks now? I think? somewhere around there. he likes to chew on bras, chase the cat and lick your face off. he's a precious blue pit and i'm mildly obsessed with him. 
 before the weather starts getting bad (i've heard the farmers almanac says this will be the worst winter in like.. 80 years) i've been trying to stay outside plenty. whether it's walking the pup, hitting up the local shops or riding the ride. it's gonna be a looong winter, for sure. i remember last year scraping the snow off of my car and not being able to move the thing from its parking spot for days. damn 2 wheel drive. so i'll be soaking up the midwest sunshine over here as long as i can! 
 nothing makes me happier than seeing pumpkins beginning their seasonal debut every year. they're at every market, grocery store and even… randomly… for sale at the local pet store? being that it just hit october first, i haven't cracked down and purchased mine yet, but i'm thinking a white and orange are both gonna be coming home with me. 
 i'm a very lucky girl to have this gorgeous of scenery on my walks. the colors that come along with the falls months are the most beautiful of any season. just look at that rich rich gold! so beautiful. 
 and last but not least, i got a hankering for pie today and felt that baking was in order. i whipped up this peach pie from the recipe here and it turned out perfect. just make sure to grab a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream. don't be modest. 

Happy beginning of fall, you guys! it's gonna be a good month! 
xo jd

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