when someone you love cuts off your hair

We had our wedding this past Friday night. And I'll get more into that whole story another day, when I can really sit down and put my thoughts into words (I have so much advice it's not even funny) but today is Sunday. And I've looked forward to today for as long as I looked forward to the wedding itself. We have nothing but memories, our house is almost back in order, and.... Drum roll... I got my first in forever big haircut. I'm not sure how much exactly, but it feels like a lot. It looks like a lot. And when I knew I wanted a drastic haircut, I text my best friend and showed her what I wanted. The conversation went something like "what do ya think?" and she responded with "FUCK YES" or something like that. There was no one I would trust more than her to hack all of this shit off.

Ashley has been one of life's biggest blessing to me for almost ten years when we first met (thank you myspace) She has seen every good and bad thing to happen to me and loved me through every boyfriend, girlfriend, and drunken fight. We may have made out once or twice which is, again, a story for another day. The point is- we're pretty tight. So once she knew I was engaged, her gift to me was beyond perfect and all hair related. She colored and trimmed it a few weeks back and then even styled it for the actual wedding day. But what we both knew I was looking forward to more than anything was the post-wedding cut. I wanted to get rid of so much hair and there is no one I would trust more than her. A new chapter. A new life. A new husband. A new a lot of things. And I wanted to get rid of most of this tangled, damaged, and bleached mess on my head. (the last ID photo I had made, I'm rocking a messy bun on top of my head and no makeup so I'm hoping this new ID will be a goooood one! Even if I'm still not sure how to pronounce my new last name.)

Letting someone you love cut your hair is special. It's a big deal. And I wouldn't want some stranger screaming over a blow dryer to be any part of it. The memory of my first short haircut in 10 years deserved to only be created by someone I love. And I'm so happy with it. Our wedding is over, our new dishes are put away,  my wedding dress is folded up in a box, I have a brand new husband and an even newer haircut. Not too bad of a weekend!


weekend links

One of my favorite home design sites, including my dream kitchen above

These performers have skills I've never seen before.

Cannot freaking wait to get our new bedding on after the wedding. you have no idea.

I was sick all week and Vicks on my feet knocked it out quick! How does this magic work!?

My least favorite color is, go figure, the trendiest color.

I NEVER order room service and I totally relate to this

speaking of food, I do this at brunch and yes... It works.


Halloween 2017

it felt so so good to take a night off from life and planning and meetings and emails to enjoy some family time at grandma's for trick or treating!! Andrew and I dressed up as batman and cat woman and we were so proud to match and walk around with the family babies, Max and Amelia. Max was the cutest little joker you've ever seen. I don't know what was cuter- watching him pull his own red wagon around or watching him feed Bronson ten marshmallows. We had the best time and now it's time to pack up the pumpkins and break out the Christmas lights!! Here's a quick little Halloween video we made of the kids to enjoy :)


the ultimate sleeping aid: ASMR

Raise your hand if you've ever traveled down your own personal YouTube rabbit hole? Watching enough "up next" videos that you can see the sun rising behind your cell phone screen. And you finally take a good, long internal look at yourself and think "what in the hell is wrong with me!?" Okay, put your hands down. Now, raise your hand if you have done this and then stumbled upon a video that changed your world (*my hand is flying proud!) what a glorious experience!It started with a late night of not being able to sleep. I watched a few videos of Ellen reruns and top movie bloopers. (Titanic. You guys shoulda caught some of those mess ups) Then I started watching makeup tutorial videos. (Contouring. I respect you, but I just don't get you)

Maybe 30 minutes later, somehow, I was in a new magical corner of YouTube and I was being greeted by whispering voices and tranquil music. I had stumbled upon channel after channel about ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response. In ten words or less, it can basically be summed up as getting a tingly feeling (usually starting at your scalp and traveling down your spine) due to good endorphin feels. I have experienced this plenty of times and I had basically just never realized that 1. It had a name and 2. I thought we were all experiencing it! But, after looking into it a little bit, ASMR is not something everyone experiences. For example, I can go to get my fingernails painted at a nail salon and see someone from across  the room getting a pedicure. I instantly get that same good and tingly feeling down my back and arms and will want a nap. The same thing would happen if I watched someone get their hair washed or brushed at a salon. But like I said, I thought we were all getting these feelings so why discuss it?

And then I find these videos on YouTube and I was over the moon. It was a long and pretty straight forward video that showed one long continuous shot of a girl sitting directly in front of the camera. A girl stood behind her and brushed her hair. And that was it. That was the whole video. I sat and watched one stranger brush another stranger's hair for roughly 20 minutes and afterward I felt like I needed to go confess to a priest. But then, night after night, these videos became the best sleep aid I had ever tried. Within 10 to 20 minutes every night I would be passed out, knocked out, and drooling. I'm linking a few of my favorite sleepy time videos below and if you're feeling up to it, try them out tonight! plug in your headphones for the ultimate experience... And let me know if you're equally a little bit crazy!


our weekend away to Columbus

 this past Saturday night was our bridal shower and, while it couldn't have gone any better, I'm glad we are one step closer to life being back to normal. I broke into tears twice the day of our shower, absolutely terrified to walk into a crowd of people that were solely around to see myself and Andrew and I was scared to death. I was given a very firm hug by Andrew as he reminded me that everyone was coming only because they loved us. That was it. No other reason.. but it was still a lot to take in. I thought this whole "everyone's eyes on the bride" thing was really going to be right up my alley but it turned out that the pressure of wanting to make sure 40 people in my mom's house was comfy, fed, and feeling attended to was a lot to take. But, like most scary shit in my life, it wasn't a big deal once it got started. We walked in and it was almost instantaneously fine. I've never experienced anything like it and I would do it again every weekend. I made several laps around the house to talk to everyone I could, kept a full drink in my hand for the entire party, and we all ended the night by jumping. in. the. pool. (yes it's November and yes it was midnight) You can tell when my mom is having a good time at her parties because she'll be the one talking everyone into jumping in the pool in their clothes. but it was the best time we could have hoped for.  In the morning, we woke up early and cleaned their kitchen for 2 hours as a quick "thank you for hosting!" and then we took off on our trip up north! 

We've been saying for weeks that we wanted to take one last short and quick getaway before we were officially married and Columbus seemed like the perfect fit. it's only about an hour and a half north and, while it's been a while since I've been in the area, it was so nice to be back. So many good restaurants (we basically just ate our way through the streets. Thank god for Spanx.) great bars, and amazing shops. I picked up a bottle of Davines Oi Oil that I have smothered all over every inch of my body, a new ring to remember the trip, and most importantly ANDREW'S TUX!! It was a rainy, stormy, dreary and amazing couple of days and while trying to stay dry, we ventured into a Jos A. Bank and 10 minutes later we walked out with Andrew's wedding ensemble! I also picked up a new zip up hoodie but that failed in comparison. Our hotel suit was equipped with a full working kitchen and so our nights were spent in our big squishy hotel bed eating our carry out boxes from all of our restaurant adventures. Could life be any more glorious? We woke up bright and early this morning and drove back through the rainstorms and back to reality. 

thank you to everyone that came out to our shower. I can't wait to celebrate the wedding with guys! and an even bigger thank you to my future husband, who makes the simplest adventures an hour north of our house feel like we are the only two people in the world. Lucky for us, too. More donuts. 

and thank you to Staybridge Suites for giving us our weekend home! 


weekend links


I hope everyone has a delightful weekend! We are celebrating our wedding shower at my mom's house and then taking a little weekend trip that we so so need. Be safe out there in your cat ears and nurse costumes!

1. I've got 29 more days then it's pasta pasta pasta and I can't wait to make this.

2. this is so neat. People that match artwork

3. I ordered this jacket last night and it can't get here soon enough. I'm obsessed. 

4. I told Andrew this morning we need a funny wifi name and these are pretty amazing. 

5. If you haven't tried Colour Pop yet, this deep red is to die for. And $6!!

6. How important is sex in relationships?

7. I saw crazy reviews for Lush's Sleepy Lotion and you guys... It works. It knocked me out. 

8. The most beautiful woman in her beautiful marble-filled home

9. A very good, slightly scary article to read... right before our wedding 

10. The IKEA dictionary... This makes so much more sense now! 
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