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the Howl-o-ween Pug Fair with my Bronsonosaurus

Posted on: 10.16.2016

some holidays are targeted toward certain types of people. Valentines is for couples. Christmas is for 
kids. but halloween? halloween is for everyone. including the pups. i found this doggy halloween parade online a few days ago and instantly knew that i had to take bronson. finding a halloween costume for a 60 pound pit bull is no easy feat but thank you, petsmart for this $10 work of art. bronson went as a brontosaurus and it couldn't have looked any cuter. once we got there, bronson lost his mind. there was so much to sniff and lick and pee on and he couldn't have been any happier. shockingly, he was the pit bull i saw there but there was pretty much every breed and size pup you could imagine, all dressed in the greatest of costumes. we saw the Pope, pirates and a taco. as always, i'm biase that my dog was the cutest of all but that's up for debate. here's a few pictures of the day! 

Good stuff around the WWW.

Posted on: 10.10.2016

Most importantly, click here to register to vote!

This school replaces detention with meditation for little ones.

These kids try to recognize classic Disney songs.

Dogs in NYC subways need to be in bags now. This is genius.

I'm on the hunt for a new bottle of perfume. These are a good start for my search.

I used to just slather coconut oil all over my face. That was wrong. This is right. 

When you need a break from the internet (kind of) go here.

i go back and forth all the time on mattresses on the floor. thoughts?

what your coffee order says about you. iced coffee all day for meeee!

I've been contemplating bangs for fall and this uploading site is gonna come in handy!

This dress is on its way to me right now and i pray i can pull it off. boobs, don't fail me now. 

And lastly, take this creepy test to see if you are... in fact... a psycho

Better skin in 3 days with Elan Rose

Posted on: 10.08.2016

I remember growing up, it was always fun rooting thru my grandmother's makeup drawers in her bathroom. I would sit on the cold tile, smear on twenty different colors of lipsticks and eye shadows and stick my dirty little fingers in pretty bottles of face creams. (I'm sure she loved me doing all of this, too) and the older I got, the more it set in that skin care was super important to keep that skin lookin' pretty and that I, luckily, had some pretty good genes from my grandma. The women in my family have youthful skin and young complexions and are total babes all around. In middle school, I had terrible skin and as much as it sucked, I was always told to embrace it by my mom and aunt because eventually I would love my skin and I would grow out of it. And by the time I hit my mid twenties, I knew I was a lucky girl that needed to take good care of what I was blessed with.  

So when Elan Rose  reached out to me about trying their day and night serums, a line I had already heard great things about, I jumped at the chance. You don't pass up opportunities for skin care, people. oh, and when I started my review of the products, I thought it would be fun if my mom tried them, too! And you guys... If there's one person out there that knows her way around a bottle of good skin cream, it's her. I knew she would be a good candidate to this magic in a bottle. 

First off, Elan Rose promises you a lot right off the bat; like better skin in 3 days. 3 days, you guys. How was that even possible, I don't know. But for real, after just three days of using "Hello Sunshine!" day cream and "Wake Up Beautiful!" night serum, i was already kinda blown away. i didn't wear makeup to work. Like... None. My skin felt smoother than ever before and while I'm no dermatologist, and I don't know what's going on under the surface, what I do know is my skin tone looked brighter and my wrinkles seemed less obvious. Heart eyes for days. Both products go on smooth and light with very little scent and I've even been using the day lotion as a moisturizer under makeup for when I go out at night. I would like to think of it as a little shield, protecting my skin from all the crap in the city air. and while we have similar but different skin concerns in what we're looking for in our products, my mama loved the stuff, too! so please be sure to check them out, read their story, and get ready to be carded at the bar. because, baby, you'll have a younger looking face by the weekend.

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this post is sponsored by Elan Rose. thank you for supporting those that support LJD! 

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