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a trip to Miami

Posted on: 2.13.2016

do you remember the first person that ever dumped you? like the first person to ever TOTALLY blow you off, rip out your heart and make you question how adorable your parents made you feel when you were 7? … i do! his name was josh and we met at a clothing store that we were both working at while i was on my first winter break home from college. i thought i was too cool for school (i'll blame that for my lack of a degree now 10 years later) and i flirted shamelessly. we would fold the ugliest printed t shirts next to each other, probably split a few auntie anne's pretzels or cigarettes on breaks and i thought he was totally dreamy. it wasn't until after we started dating for a few days that i learned he was a few years younger than i was. still in high school but still so cute, i couldn't handle it. we dated for months and it took this sorority girl a long while to get over that high school boy who broke her little heart. saying that the relationship humbled me would be an understatement and it prepared me for a long life of the harsh realities of dating. all that being said, it was a gross breakup. the kind you look back on as an adult and think to yourself thank god i've grown up and have no idea what that guy is doing or where he is in the world.  but by the power vested in the internet, finding your old puppy lovers is only a few clicks away. and so it wasn't until a few months back that i received one of my most random Facebook messages to date from who else but that blast from our pretzel sharing past. we're talking 8 years of no contact that went right out the door with one "Jamie Dawn! whats up? how are you?" and so, while i remembered all of the tears and oreos it took to get over that guy, that didn't stop me from responding. it also didn't stop us from meeting up for a few drinks a few weeks later. turns out, he had moved down to miami florida and was coming into town for christmas to visit family. i can't remember now which one of us asked first, but before i knew it christmas was here and so was josh. it was a 20 minute drive to get to where he and i were meeting and it was the longest 20 minutes of my life. i nearly cancelled. i mean, who in the hell meets up with an x that they haven't spoken to in 8 years? one could also ask who would choose to live with their x years after breaking up, but that's a question for another day. but, as the story goes, the second we got together we had a blast. talked about literally everything, laughed a lot and never shut up. and so, about 200 tito's and tonics later, josh invited me down to miami. one of those loud, annoying YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME DOWN SOMETIME! kind of invites. not the real ones. so i responded with the equally obnoxious YEAH, TOTALLY! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! but i guess it was a few cigarette puffs and shots later that i was looking up flights.  i couldn't think of a better way to spend my first few days being 28 than down in miami with an x boyfriend i hadn't spoken to since before i was allowed in a bar. all of that to be said, last week, MY ASS WAS IN MIAMI!

i flew out a week after my birthday to spend 4 days in miami with a boy. a boy that i hadn't seen or heard from in years, you guys. to stay with him, his dad and his dad's boyfriend all down in sunny miami. WHO IN THE WORLD AM I!?  sometimes my decisions are a little improvised. but if there's one thing i love about myself it's my lack of need for my life to be completely premeditated. and so, i packed my suitcase of ripped up jean shorts and travel size shampoo and my roommate (a fellow x, no less. ha!) dropped me off at the airport at about 5 am. and by 10 am, i was giving a hug to a guy 2000 miles away from home. a guy who, for all i know, was left handed and hated pizza. it was a little overwhelming being completely surrounded by strange. but after an awkward nap next to this total stranger and a few drinks, i was good. completely content and relaxed and excited for the next few days. 

he and his dad and Dito (his dad's boyfriend that is now my life long hero. he's cute and spicy and taught me a little spanish) live right in the middle of downtown on the 30 something floor of the most beautiful building. the hallways smelled like birthday cake and the view was incredible. everything in their home was clean and white and pointy and perfect. and since i'm used to doing my makeup in the dark cave that is the ground floor, it's safe to say my face had never looked better. one thing i had remembered about josh was his love for a good beverage and thank god we had that in common. we spent the first night hanging out with his dad for drinks and dinner in an area called Bayside and just sat and talked. i was glad to get a chance to talk to the man that was allowing me into his home for the next few days and i instantly clicked with him. he has the most gentle way about him that makes you feel like you could tell him anything without being past thru any judgement. good dad alert! those are my favorite people, as i can talk forever and it's usually about the most inappropriate subjects. we walked around and while it rained its ass off during our outdoor dinner, it was still fun. oddly familiar but foreign at the same time. i felt like i was sitting next to old friends that i had seen a million times. 

the next morning brought an early brunch, bottomless mimosas and Biggie Smalls blaring from the restaurant speakers all before noon. with half of a goat cheese and tomato omelet in my stomach, josh and i both agreed naps were in order before we spent the rest of the day drinking and hanging out. but that plan quickly went out the window when we learned that we were going to family dinner at Dito's sister's house. now, i think a girlfriend would even be a little nervous being thrown in a situation like that, so you can imagine how an x/friend/stranger/thing would do. I'm in another state, with people i don't really know and i was about to be surrounded by people that primarily spoke a language that i didn't understand. but the moment we walked into the house, i was greeted with cheek kisses and hugs and questions and laughs and a corona. honestly, i don't even know where people like that come from. people that just welcome strangers into their home and like you without even knowing you yet. the women asked questions about how i liked miami so far and the guys told josh i could stay and he could come back to ohio. they seemed to like me just fine, but more importantly they all loved each other. this wasn't a birthday celebration for someone or a holiday. it was just another sunday and their house was filled with people that wanted to be there together. we drank plenty of beer, ate chicharron (basically pork rinds if pork rinds melted in your mouth. good god) and listened to music i didn't understand. But watching Dito and his family interact with one another was the best. He was the sweetest and sat next to me for a while and tried his best to teach me MUY POQUITO spanish :) Dito was everything i expected before i came down to miami and i knew we would get along from the second we were in the car together. anyone that quotes adele and yells at other drivers in traffic and tells people when they're being dumb- we'll get along just fine. this was by far my favorite night of the trip.

the rest of my stay consisted of a few touristy attractions, and more than a few drinks in hand. props to josh for begin the best sport and never getting annoyed at how much i break out this camera of mine! he would even mention several times "oh, do you want to go shoot that? it would probably look good on the blog." ugh. after my heart. 

the trip was amazing and i'm so glad i went. i saw a lot, drank a lot, felt a lot. we packed a good amount of activities into a four day stretch and i'm forgetting plenty. also, i have to throw a special shout out to bernard. friend of josh's dad and Dito, he was as fierce as they come. he told me about cuban singer Celia Cruz (that's her on the video below), said i was cute and taught me that Arroz Con Pollo becomes 10 times better with a little mayonnaise mixed in. seriously, if you ever want to come freeze your asses off, i have room for all of of you guys! i filmed a little bit from all the days i was there and made a quick video to remember the trip. i'll definitely be back down (Pride is in April!!) but for now thank you guys so much for letting me come and stay. love you all!! enjoy!

The Jerry Springer Podcast

Posted on: 1.28.2016

does anyone else out there get super pumped when they learn about some crazy random and amazing thing happening in their city that they had no idea existed? like the fact that Jerry Springer flies into the tiniest little hole in the wall coffee shop in kentucky and does a live podcast for about 40 onlookers? a coffee shop thats about 15 minutes from my apartment? yeah. things like that. things like that get me more excited than most anything. my friend andrew heard about this event, reserved us seats weeks ago, and we had no idea what to expect. but it turned out to be pretty perfect. we went to a bar next door and chugged a few adult beverages before heading over to what ended up being the best possible tuesday night i've ever had.
we were the youngest people there by about 40 years and i would like to think that's the reason that jerry (we're on a first name basis, now. us, and good ol' jerr) kept talking to us. that, and the fact that i pushed my way to getting front row seats up close and personal. seeing a man in person that you watched at 4 o clock most weekdays while in middle school had me totally fan girling and my cheeks were actually hurting when he was talking to andrew and me about his flip phone. he's had it for about 20 years. god, he's so cool. he ordered the most obnoxious looking drink covered in whipped cream and chocolate shavings and kept moving his glasses from the tip of his nose to somehow between his brow and hairline and he instantly became my hero for the night. he talked on his podcast about how he was once the mayor of cincinnati, his love for folk music (i'm thinking that's why he picked this particular coffee shop, Folk School Coffee Parlor) and other tid bits. he was super personable and while we sat and watched and laughed and snap chatted the whole thing, our only hope was that the guy would come have a shot with us next door after the show. it didn't happen, but i have big hopes for the next time we go! here's a few pics from the night...
my beverage lacked whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a nice, sturdy mug… but then again, i'm NO jerry springer, ya know? 
i felt like a nerd asking him for a picture, but i figured what the hell, this guy has seen some shit. he won't care. and he didn't. he was more than accommodating. 
he strolled past us while walking up to take his seat and commented on how sorry he was that my jeans were so ripped. he gave a little chuckle and grabbed my shoulder. i then proceeded to blush, let out the most obnoxious laugh and vowed to never get rid of them. they're now my jerry jeans.
if you're up for a drive down into northern kentucky, hit this event up! i'm not sure of the exact schedule or whether or not it changes, but click HERE for more information and to reserve your seats! 
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! 

10 things

Posted on: 1.13.2016

1. the best thing about 2016 is season 5 of this and i will binge watch it all in one day 
2. keeping my eye out for a marble topped coffee table and let's all cross our fingers for me. 
3. i've developed a theory that the more gross my bathtub looks, probably the more clean my body is. example: the other night i did a salt scrub on my legs and shaved. then i did a face mask and a hair mask and needless to say, there was a ring of god only knows what around the tub when i got out. but i felt and looked great so whatever haha. tmi? 
4. this dad filmed his kids coming down the steps every year for christmas. so cute.
5. I'm pretty sure my house goes thru things like nesquik and cookies faster now than it  did when i was a kid. probably because i can buy them myself now. 
6. the worst day you'll ever have isn't when you lose your job, fight with a friend or get dumped. it's when you drop your toothbrush on the bathroom floor and it rolls 3 times. 
7. i've got one tomorrow so here's some first date etiquette
8. making out with someone that tells you they have the flu and you say "it's cool, it's worth it" is only and i repeat ONLY worth it in that moment. don't do it.
9. if you aren't gagging at least a little bit, you aren't doing it right. i'm talking about brushing your teeth here, people. 
10. it's probably because i look like her, but this moment will always give me chills. go kc! 

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