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about me

this space is just a little corner of the internet for me to document what my twenties were like…
and as those are creeping to an end- maybe my thirties, too!
It's where I try to keep a document of some of my favorite places in the city, easy ways to make your home your favorite place to be, and it's somewhere I do a little bit of reflecting on life. 
Taking photos of everything has just become second nature
and it's fun to look back on the adventures that i've had and who i had them with.
a lot in my life has changed, things that aren't still true on here.
maybe i should delete a post or two.
but if i delete my past, i won't learn for my future (how deep was that? pretty good right?)
so it will remain here.
i've lived my life with no regrets and you should, too!

i'm flattered that you would even be interested to read along 
so i try to keep it light and simple around here! 

i hope you enjoy!

love, Jamie Dawn.
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