Building Value in Northside

eventually, the day will come when we buy a house. I'll be stressed and worried for months or years to find the perfect place that has all the things I want: a yard, good lighting, and a garage. OH MY GOD a garage. I love this apartment so much and we'll be here until literally, the perfect home falls into my lap and we buy a place, but it's always fun to think about how I would go about restoring a place someday. If I could rub a lamp, Andrew and I would buy a house for cheap and gut the hell out of it. Props to the people that build homes, with their clean slates and no mystery of history, but I personally see us buying a house that has old bones and lots of room for restoration. 
I'd like to think I'm pretty good at salvaging and when I found Building Value down the street from my apartment, I nearly lost my mind. I went there in the hopes of finding some reclaimed barn wood for a kitchen project but ended up being far too distracted by all the gems that this place had to offer. Old doors, slabs of marble, and clawfoot tubs as far as the eye could see. I'm only sharing this knowledge (could I be any more selfish? probably not) because it will be a looooong time before I can actually benefit from this place. (damn you, renter's life) but if you're currently gutting your home and wanting to fill it with historical magic (for SUPER cheap) head over to Building Value. They're super friendly, knowledgeable, and I can't mention enough how well priced they are. You're welcome!! 

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