a recipe: chicken pesto pasta

this weekend was one for the books. it went on forever in the best kind of way, we got a lot done and also did a lot of nothing. what a beautiful conundrum. Friday night, I felt awful after work so I stayed home and just rested and it paid off, by Saturday morning, I woke up feeling much much better. Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous in Cincinnati with so much sunshine. You could just tell that everyone was in a better mood, walking their dogs and eating lunches outside. Not that we had a hard winter at all, but still... it was in the 60's all weekend and so so glorious. I cleaned the apartment and scrubbed the floors and ripped all of the sheets off of the bed and washed everything. All the windows were open and the house got aired out for hours and hours. Once I had the house cleaned, I ventured out to bargain hunt (have you been there? it's insane. you'll love it) and found new sheets and a throw blanket and maybe a candle or two. (does anyone else hate lighting candles when the windows are open? like you're wasting your good smells because they're flowing outside? maybe I'm alone on this.) Sunday was spent by having brunch with Andrew's parents and then a trip to good ol' Ross to spend some time with my family. By 5 o clock, I couldn't wait to get home, curl up with that new throw blanket, and order Chinese. thank you to whoever invented food delivery. After two million fork fulls of lo mein, I fell asleep on Andrew's lap and the weekend was officially over. It was a good one. Full of nothing in particularly special but it was exactly what I needed. Anyway, over the weekend I made this pasta. It's stupid easy but oh so good and maybe not super healthy but it could be worse? maybe? anywhere here it is:

1/2 a box of vermicelli, cooked obvz. 

1 1/2 cups pesto 
about 10 roasted cherry tomatoes 
a handful of fresh spinach leaves 
half a chicken breast, cooked and sliced 
a handful of goat cheese crumbled  

mix and devour! 

have the best week, you! 

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