For the past 3 years, I have forgotten that my precious little town of Northside has a Fourth of July parade. Last Year's Parade was a rainy gross mess but still, practically everyone in Northside shows up with their support. But this year, mother nature was in a good mood and let us have all the sunshine we could handle (seriously, it's hotter than hell outside)

 Last year was kind of fun walking down the sidewalk and taking advantage of all the umbrellas that kept me dry. But this year, the sun beat down hard and it was really something special. My favorite part of the whole experience is watching the kids' reactions to the floats. Their little eyes get so excited seeing all of the costumes and the way they pounce on any candy that flies from the parade floats? 
I love it. 

 I'm not sure how long in advance the participants have to prepare their parade attire, but they all looked soooo good. Especially the group above, which was employees from the "Chicken Lays An Egg" boutique shop. They were Willy Wonka theme and I'm kind of obsessed with how good of a job they did. They even had the theme song blaring on repeat from a boom box. Amazing hair and makeup, you guys!! I didn't stay out too long because 1. that freaking SUN! and 2. a little girl dropped a popsicle dangerously close to my shoe. But here's a few photos that all look pretty similar to one another but are all still worth a look anyways. 

Happy Fourth, you guys!! 


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  1. What fun! So colorful. My area has a parade too but somehow I never seem to be in town for it.


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