yesterday was the rainiest of 4th's that i can remember! this weather around here has gone completely bananas. 4 straight days of rain, and on any day that there isn't a guarantee of rain, there's like... a really really good chance for it.  so i wake up yesterday morning and headed down to my coffee shop for a quick kick in the ass to get my day started. and as i'm walking, i hear sirens and see crowds of people and roads blocked off. i could have swore there was a wreck until i remembered oh yeah, jamie you nut. it's the fourth of july parade! i love that this little town of northside puts this thing on. it's kind of adorable, even soaking wet! here's a few pictures my phone snapped before the rain was just too much to risk having to put the thing in a bed of rice over night...
umbrellas, as far as the eye could see. which actually made for a pretty dry walk, as long as you just sort of accidentally walked under other people's brellas! 
i love to look up and see people watching from their apartments. i always wonder what their places look like on the inside. i know, i'm such a creep! but i would walk through other people's houses for a living any day.
this guy parks his giant bike all over northside and i have never actually seen the owner until yesterday. it was a big deal for me. can you imagine being up on that thing?? hell to the no. 
these kids on unicycles were my favorite, as they carried mops and "mopped up" the rain on the road. precious, i tell you. 
makeup artists, ya know? 
oh, and crazy dancers that probably all have a cold today...
and this, was the cherry on the cake. a couple got freaking married in the middle of the parade! well, towards the end, but still. what a finale! after we went home and changed clothes, we went out for gyros and headed to a friends house for the evening festivs. hope that everyone had a great holiday! 



  1. what an adorable parade! and i totally agree i want to tour other people's houses!! does this mean we should have been realtors?

    happy anniversary!

  2. Congrats! I agree, this weather needs to go!

  3. As always your photos are excellent - I love how you captured this! I also love that folks came out despite the weather.

    PS- Happy Anniversary! :)

  4. happy anniversary! your 4th festival looks so fun!


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