i absolutely love the pride festival, it's so fun to see all of the different people out supporting the same cause, equal rights for everyone. of course it is a festival for the gay community, but you always see lots of straight couples out, with babies and kids, supporting their family and friends. it's amazing!

our day started with brunch at taste of belgium -gimme all the crepes!- and afterward we walked through an absolute downpour to get to fountain square. after the parade, we walked down to sawyer point to watch the drag shows and it was such a blast. kids, babies, senior citizens all together for such an amazing day. and even if the kids didn't know what exactly it was they were doing there, or if they were just there for the dum dum suckers being thrown from parade floats, there is strength in numbers. and seeing all those faces really pulls on your heart strings.

and i love to see the kids. they are my favorite part. such innocent little minds that soak up anything you tell them and ...ok...  if you can explain to a child that it's normal for a fat man in a red suit to come down a chimney in the winter, or that a bunny brings you a basket full of candy in the spring, there's no reason that a child wouldn't understand or accept that some girls like girls and some boys like boys, am i right??

my day ended with a broken purse strap, a ruined pair of my favorite jeans and a parking ticket. but it was still an amazing day, happy pride everyone! enjoy the rest of your sunday while i go nurse this hangover. i feel like i got hit by a rainbow truck :)

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