The rat in the laundry room keeps me humble

That isn't some sort of deep metaphor that I used for the title up there. It's really actually and truly happening right now and in this moment. There is a real life honest to god rat in the laundry room of our apartment building and it makes me need to take a shower just talking about it. There has been an unheard of amount of rain in the city lately and, as these things go, it's coming up from underneath us. I love the smell of wet sidewalks and the sound of rain hitting the roof as much as the next girl but when rain brings critters into the building, then I need it to all go away and dry up real quick. 

I got home from work yesterday and all I wanted to do was clean up the apartment, maybe light a candle, and take care of some laundry. Laundry is by far my favorite chore of all and nothing makes me happier than an empty laundry basket. So here I am after a long week, read to do my chores; a simple honey-do list that I had lovingly written for myself. And as I finished up the sweeping and spraying of some lavender scented multi purpose god only knows what kind of spray all over the marble coffee table, I scooped up the overflowing basket of laundry and hauled off to the laundry room. The laundry room, as I affectionately call it, is also our building hallway, where our mailboxes are lined up, as well as where the basement steps are. There are only four units in the building and I guess you could say we all kind of keep to ourselves, but it's pretty common for that area to be cluttered with ladders and amazon packages so stepping on something foreign isn't out of the ordinary. However, on this particular Friday night, i was not alone in the laundry room. As I carried my basket in front of me and flipped on the light, I heard something clicking on the ground and without even a second to think, a dark grey and furry rat ran across my left foot. My naked foot was touched by a rat's naked foot and now we're linked for life, or until our landlord puts him out of his misery. I'm sure he was terrified and ran quickly behind the dryer. As far as I know he's still back there, smoking a little rat cigarettes and stressed the hell out. 

This post has no point, like most of what I write about, but it seemed important to write about something ugly. I share a fair amount of life on here I guess but it's mostly about my near perfect fiancĂ©, our beautiful home, and all the fun stuff we fill this place with. So i wanted to share that while this apartment is beautiful and I'm so lucky we get to live here, there is currently one extra tenant, covered in fur, that resides in the laundry room. He's in there currently, probably right next to my tipped over laundry basket full of dirty clothes that will stay there until maybe forever. 

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