some people have libraries, I have my greenhouse

when I get a text from Andrew that he'll be late to get home after work, the possibilities are endless of how I'll entertain myself. Our apartment sits dangerously close to a gold mine of a thrift store, the most gorgeous Cemetery that you could get lost in for hours and, my personal favorite, this greenhouse. Everyone knows that our apartment is bursting at the seams with plants but I just can't get enough of those deep green beauties and this green house is by far the best in the city. There's always countless staff members running around that leave you alone unless you want to be bothered with rows and rows of every plant you could image. 
I'll never forget my first hanging plant; I was at a flea market like 4 years ago and bought this fishhook succulent that was $30 and the neatest looking thing. I so excited to get it home and hang it with pride.. but it was already dead and I got totally screwed by whoever sold it to me. It was a few days later that I ventured to AJ Rahn and found the exact same hanging plant, twice the size for half of the price, and I snatched it up instatly. Like I said, this was about 4 years ago and that succulent is still hanging in my house, growing like crazy. From that point on, I trusted their plants. I just took a look around in fact and have 16 plants from AJ Rahn.... That's insane!! But anyway, there are worst ways to spend my money I guess. If you're ever in the area, hit up this greenhouse. It's quiet and wet and a nice escape from ambulance sirens and blaring music outside. And make sure to love on the greenhouse cat!!     

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