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last week, I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes (does anyone else have a dishwasher but sometimes doing dishes by hand feels therapeutic, but if you didn't have the dishwasher you would be annoyed? OK, me neither) anyway, I'm standing there and I took off my engagement ring and and it sitting on the windowsill. I never took my eyes off it as though it was going to grow legs and run away from me like an apprehensive groom and then Andrew walked up behind me. He mentioned that while he was growing up, he remembered that his mom kept a small dish by her kitchen sink and kept her wedding ring on it while she did the dishes and for whatever reason, I just found that to be such a sweet, simple little anecdote that I wanted to find my own ring dish to keep my newly most prized procession safe from dishwater and danger.
I found a tutorial on the good old internet but as most tutorials go, I crashed and burned and my dish was not great. So I switched around a few things and had much success that I'm sharing with y'all now. yay! There's photos to try and match up the process, but honestly, this is a pretty simple craft. Here we go!

--- oven bake clay. (You'll want 2x more black and white clay. It doesn't take much clay to make one dish so I recommend going in on your clay with friends or making a few dishes at a time. I went with maybe 10 different colors but would have bought them all if I could!
--- clear nail polish
--- silver/gold/black nail polish
--- small oven safe dish (this will be used as your mold, so pick whatever size you want)
--- knife & drinking glass (the glass is what I used as a cookie cutter and a rolling pin)

1. pick out your colors and cut small slivers, also cut larger slivers of white and black (then check Google to see if "sliver" is a word)
2. Roll them into a worm-like shape
3. once they're all rolled out, roll them up together, twist into a spiral, and gentle make a ball.
4. Use your glass to roll out the ball. This is where I started making changes from what I found online. This simple rolling will NOT make a marbled look. So roll it out, use your glass cookie cutter, and just start overlapping scrap pieces and rolling them flat. You want your colors to be disconnected and random. The more you roll it out, cut it into pieces, and reconnect them, the better and more unique it will look!
5. Once you have rolled out the piece enough times and you love it, use your drinking glass cookie cutter and make a circle. (this will be your dish so make sure to smooth the edges)
6. Flip over your oven safe dish and lay the circle onto the bottom, gently smoothing the edges down.
7. Bake for 15 minutes at 275 (put it on a cookie sheet) and let it cool. gently remove from your mold.
8. Once cooled, use your preferred nail polish color as a trim color (I went with gold. Because gold) and then use your top coat nail polish as a clear glaze on your dish. (keep in mind they 100% make a glaze you can buy at a craft store but hey, I had 4 bottles of top coat polish just wasting away so I used them and they worked out great for this!
I have now made like 8 of these babies and they're kind of addicting, super simple, and something I'm excited to hand out to a few of my favorite women. yay! Good luck!

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