I gained another pound today. But I think it's a pound of knowledge.

every day, I get closer to the 30-year mark, being married, being in a year-long office job, and actually feeling fulfilled in my life. this time last year, I was sitting on a bathroom floor crying to myself and wondering if my life was ever going to actually fall into place. I felt like I was behind everyone else in life and I tried to force relationships, I wanted to please everyone, and I had a reckless mindset and lifestyle. I can't thank Andrew for every good thing in my life, but I can definitely say that from the moment he moved in and we started our relationship, life got easier. I was happier. I felt like this had to be what normal felt like. every day is a blessing of straightening up the living room, leaving post-it notes in his closet, and creeping through traffic to get home every night to someone that loves me for exactly who I am. it all feels good. and with feeling normal along the outside came feeling normal on the inside, too. for the first time in my life, I have let so much go and have been so much more content, confident, and grown.

A few weeks back, I stopped by my aunt's clothing shop just to thumb through the racks of pretty goodies and in the back of her shop, I saw a very intimidating rack of jeans and they caught my eye. The washes looked like my style and they were perfectly worn in.  and let me jus say for the record that I hate jean shopping. They're tight. They don't' feel good on my stomach, I used to care waaay too much about the number on the tag, you get it. Whatever. and for the longest time, every morning when I got ready for work, I would stare at the insanely tall- almost threatening- pile of jeans and just felt bleh about picking any of them up. So when I found a pair of boyfriend jeans on the rack, I figured eh what the hell, let's just see. I tried them on in the fitting room and holy shit, they fit like a glove. I would say that I've worn them maybe 8 times since I brought them home and they're getting better with every wear. Each time I bend and break a thread across the knee, I love them more. I've learned to ignore the number on the interior tag and be comfortable zipping them up with ease. So while yes, I have definitely gained some weight this year, I would like to think of every pound as a pound of happiness, contentment, and growth (literally. ha!)


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  1. Enjoying your blog so
    Fun to drop in and see your happy life!
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