I realized a few minutes ago while clearing out my closet (yay spring cleaning) that it has been nearly three months since my hunk and I got back from our trip to Las Vegas. I took a pair of heels there that I'll never wear again but I'm an old softy when it comes to holding onto things with sentimental value. What a glorious trip that was and I think about it often. I'll tell my kids one day "just find someone that you can have fun doing anything with" and it really is the truth for Andrew and myself. He makes a trip to the grocery store fun so thinking back to our first big vacation away as a couple always makes my little heart pitter patter. How annoying am I right now? I know. but it's true.

I had never really had a huge desire to go to somewhere like Vegas because... well... I'm a lady on a budget and gambling just aint really my game and I figured if you don't like to gamble, what else is there to do out there? But after getting home and thinking back to my top 10 favorite Vegas moments, I knew that I had been converted to the Vegas love. It's right up my alley of being a perfect blend of old architecture, yummy food, and people watching for hours. We saw shows and ate at countless delicious restaurants and saw nothing but smiling faces down the strip. Older couples, babies, newlyweds, and screaming groups of women wearing pink boas were all accounted for and marching alongside us on every sidewalk. There really is something for everyone there and with the right internet tools, you can find deals all over the place. If a quick weekend away sounds like a dream to you too, check out Vegas Deals to find your own budget friendly trip! Here are just a few of my favorite photos from our trip!! is it time to go back yet?
^ the strip on our last morning ^ 
^ me and my gumdrop at the Neon Museum. probably my favorite thing we did while out there ^
^ and finally, the strip on our last night. I took this picture while running across the street and it's a blurry mess, but I still am glad I caught one last photo of the Las Vegas lights at night ^

check out Vegas.com if you're inspired to plan your own trip!! 

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