Bill Nye would love Buzzed Bull Creamery

Full disclaimer this post is coming to you directly after spending a little time with the newest shop to hit the streets of OTR- Buzzed Bull Creamery. It's a doozy you guys. A boozy doozy, if you will. This shop is the first of its kind, serving up alcohol infused ice cream using liquid nitrogen and how they know the science behind all of it- I have no idea- but I'll happily eat spoonfuls of their creations while they make their ice cold magic. Four of the seven owners were sweet enough (probably because of their ice cream connection. ha.) to allow Andrew and me to come in for a little preview of what they'll be offering in a few weeks when they open their doors to the public and I apologize to them for talking to them with my mouth full of ice cream the whole time!! Sorry guys, I really am kind of a professional, I promise!

It's run by a handful of people that came from all different walks of life prior to the ice cream bizz and you can just see the hard work they have each put into this place with their own bare hands. From the tables to display boards to the ice cream sundaes themselves, they really are serving up some delicious homemade goodness over on Main Street.

Andrew and I got to dip our spoons into a few servings of some of their favorite flavors including The Buzzed Bull that features coffee flavored ice cream, caramel, and bourbon as well as a cup of their strawberry margarita. I don't even really care for strawberry margaritas that much but I'm not ashamed to tell you I was licking that plastic cup clean on our walk around the city when we left. That coffee flavor though... oh my god... get it. Get it by the gallon. You guys, eat it for breakfast. It has that bourbon bite that hits you when you first put it in your mouth but it's smooth and creamy and perfect.  You also get to watch them build your sundae from start to finish, adding any and all toppings to the mix, and the process itself is pretty pleasing... but knowing that the end result is alcoholic ice cream is almost too good to be true. 

The shop was thinking 8 steps ahead in knowing it would be a good idea to offer up alcoholic (buzzed) and non-alcoholic (non-buzzed) options, so people can come in on a romantic date night or even with their kids and everyone can have a good time. I'm so glad we got to come in and shake hands with the creative genius' behind an idea that is sure to leave an impact on the city! Be sure to keep an eye out all over social media (their IG account is pretty dreamy- @buzzedbullcreamery) to see their opening date coming soon! But don't worry, you won't be able to miss the place if you drive by, I'll be one the standing out front... banging the door down with a spoon in my hand. 
this scooter is irrelevant... but with a healthy buzz, it seemed appropriate to take a photo of it. Ha! 
and there I am... shoveling my last few bites into my mouth. Isn't that a pretty site? 
thank you guys so much again for allowing us to come in and check y'all out! We'll be back... how about... tomorrow? :) 


  1. Dang, this makes me feel extra sad that I don't currently have a Cincinnati visit on the calendar...s I neeeeeed to try this!


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