Andrew + Jamie, sittin' in a tree. E-N-G-A-G-E-D!

it's been a total whirlwind for the past few days you guys and for good reason... Andrew and I got engaged this past Sunday! I've pretty much burned thru the word fiance with every change I get and it's getting more annoying to myself every time but whatever, I'm allowed to be annoying right now. A year ago life was miserable and I tried my best to sculpt my situations into the best versions I could, but anyone close to me knew how unhappy I was. I made plenty of bad choices and even in the moments of while they were happening I would think to myself, "someday, I'm going to look back on all of this mess and know that I survived it". and here I am in love with the best person I've ever known and we are planning a damn wedding, yall! I'll get into the gushy sweet proposal details soon but for right now just know that it was totally us and a day I'll never forget. It's going to be fun writing up the details as this wedding gets planned (we're moving quick. a long engagement sounds awful so aren't wasting any time) and I hope everyone is ready to read along until our big day! 

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  1. Congrats! It will be so fun to see what you do with your wedding - I bet it will be creative and awesome!


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