women's march on Cincinnati

I figured it was a good idea to write down my thoughts on the women's march as soon as I got home, before they left my head. I've never been so proud to have a voice, be a woman or even be from Cincinnati. Today, about 10,000 of my neighbors and friends helped prove that even here in the midwest, we still know what's up and aren't going to shut up or accept what's happened. The weather was gorgeous and the streets were filled for hours with honking cars and clapping people and even dogs in t-shirts. Everyone that came out for the march was courteous and friendly and stood shoulder to shoulder as a crowd of thousands turned into one big puddle of people nodding along with speakers and human rights activists. I felt like I was among family. We came together to say we won't be quiet, we won't stand idly by, and we aren't accepting what we fear might be happening to our lives. Today, we marched for equal rights for all of us. Something that, in 2017, should not even be something we have to make signs and protests for. Today, my arms were covered in goosebumps, my eyes filled with tears, and my feet are sore from walking. Today, I saw gray-haired senior citizens holding up the same signs as small children. Black women and gay men and everything in between came together to clap and scream and hug and shout. It was the best day and I'm so proud that I was able to be there and to be a part of something so important for all of us. We're going to make it! 


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