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few souls are brave enough to venture into an Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. the hot dogs and soft serve almost aren't worth parking two miles from the front door and the crowds seem to have no idea why they're there or what they're looking for. BUT last Monday, on a lucky day off of work from my day job, I drove the 30 minutes north of my apartment to the nearest Ikea and was there for maybe 2 hours. I kept my headphones in, didn't make eye contact with anyone and didn't follow the arrows on the ground. (Ikea hack- start be the cash registers and work backward. You'll thank me) I hadn't been there for years, as I try my hardest not to buy retail and the idea of having a bunch of things in my home that are in homes all around the world drives me nuts. But wine glasses are wine glasses and serving bowls are serving bowls and for less than $10... it's ok- we can all be twinning!) I left with a cart full of goodies for less than a hundred dollars and I was skipping to my car. With a kitchen renovation being started next month, all of my dinner and dishware pieces will be out and visible all the time. So it was high time for them to be organized and set up in an orderly fashion. I wanted white ceramic dishware with a few fun blue and white porcelain bowls, all matching wine and drinking glasses, and simple, modern serving ware. But, as the store is set up to do, I couldn't help but notice a few other Ikea treasures that desperately need to be in my home ... and yours, too!! items linked above. Happy hunting! and seriously, don't forget your ice cream cone after you've checked out at the registers. You've earned it. 


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