How to style a bar cart by FTD

apparently, this space is just becoming a food and drink themed corner of the internet! but I don't hear any complaints soooo movin' on. 

with lots of big changes happening in my apartment (you'll be seeing soon...  you guys, I'm dying!!) 
it's been super important to get rid of things that I don't love. I'm lucky enough to live in a huge apartment but with that comes lots of room to fill with junk. From being an avid thrifter, I've gotten into a terrible habit of just buying things... stuff, if you will... because it was cheap. "I'm just gonna buy it. It's only a $1" has left my mouth more than a few hundred times. So now, 5 years later, this pile of bricks has finally got some much-needed attention and was cleared the hell out of all of its clutter. I kept only blankets that I loved and matched the house decor, knick-knacks that meant something to me personally and I gave my bar cart a lot of love. My cluttered bar cart was a huge guilt I had from being an addicted thrifter, as it was covered in mix matched barware, more than enough shot glasses and simple syrups that expired in 2013. Gross. And plus, the thing should be pretty! It sits directly in the middle of the living room! I mean, where would you expect the bar cart to be? We love a good cocktail in this house! 

So luck me that FTD found Love, Jamie Dawn and decided to share a little bar cart love over here with you and me and it couldn't have come at a better time! Alexandria from FTD was sweet enough to share with me an easy (and pretty!) post she did on How to Style A Bar Cart for Any Party and I love it so much. Take it away, Alexandria!
A bar cart is the perfect way to get any party started. If you already have an everyday bar cart around the house, it’s easy to jazz it up to create a bar cart that will be the star of your next party!

That’s why FTD put together these essential bar cart styling tips to help you craft the perfect cart. Follow the tips below and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the hostess with the mostest!
1. Allow guests to serve themselves
The key to hosting a stress-free party is to create a self-serve station for your guests to help themselves. At your next party, feature a simple champagne cocktail that guests can easily make themselves. Arrange the ingredients on the top shelf along with glasses and an ice bucket to keep the champagne cold. No party is complete without some bubbly to get it started!
2. Keep your bar cart fully stocked
Chances are, your bar cart will be frequented quite often throughout the party. Make sure that it is fully stocked and extra items are within reach. Keep items like napkins and straws on the top shelf, and use the lower shelf to stock extra glasses and bottles. 
3. Adorn with fresh flowers
Decorate your bar cart with a simple arrangement of fresh flowers. They’re the perfect way to add a touch of vibrancy and bold color to your decor. 
4. Stick with a defined color palette
A good rule of thumb is to stick to a color palette that consists of no more than three main colors. To make things interesting, mix and match different textures of the same color like the gold elements used here. 
5. Stock extra glasses and bottles
The bottom shelf of your bar cart is the perfect place to store extra drink glasses, liquor bottles bitters and other mixers.

Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to create your very own party bar cart! To help you get started FTD also created this handy guide which features everything you’ll need. 
Thank you so much,Alexandria!
visit the FTD bar cart post here and click around, too!

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