Fish Tacos with pineapple jalapeno yoghurt topping

last week, I had literally 3 coworkers surrounded me munching on the yummiest smelling yogurt in my office. The entire cubicle smelled like honey and fruit and I had to ask if I could stick my nose into the little yogurt tubs just to get a better whiff of the good stuff. (they obviously love me to let me nose their food!) anyway, I had never heard of the brand before my coworkers were eating it so I took to the internet to learn more about Noosa Yoghurt. I've never been a huge yogurt girl and I couldn't really tell you why. Anytime I decide to try and "be healthier" I stock up on 2 million generic brand strawberry banana yogurt cups and they just get pushed further and further back in my fridge before they get tossed out. But Noosa? Noosa is different. Their flavors are unique in flavor, thick in consistency and extra tart, making your mouth feel all tingly and amazing. So, like any devoted blogger with no shame I reached out to them and they were nice enough to send us over a bunch (and seriously... a bunch) of yummy yogurts last week. 
I took plenty to work to gain some brownie points from my peers and left a few at home, too. And when Andrew opened the fridge and saw our loot, it didn't take him but two seconds to see the pineapple jalapeno flavor and know he wanted to do something fun with it. he's worked in restaurant kitchens for years and I'm the luckiest girl around to have a dude that loves to cook, make up recipes and even cares about the plate presentation. (seriously. I had zero part in making these babies. they're all him.) so here is Andrew's blog recipe debut: Fried fish tacos with pineapple jalapeno topping. You're gonna love them! 
prepare your tacos in whatever way you like. we went with fried cod topped with red cabbage, onions (none for me!) tomatoes, shredded cheese, and cilantro. and now for that yummy yogurt topping!!

1 tub of Noosa pineapple jalapeno yoghurt 
half of a lime, squeezed 
four sprigs of cilantro, finely chopped
half a clove of minced garlic
dash of salt and pepper 
combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix with a rubber spatula. Andrew told me to tell you that the lime juice will thin out the yoghurt quite a bit. that's normal. and it makes it easy to spread on your tacos! And that's literally it! a healthy alternative to sour cream and fresco and this sauce packs soooo much flavor!! 
this post was sponsored by Noosa Yoghurt

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