Merry Christmas 2016!!

it is now the 26th of December and the holidays are officially over. well, I plan on my precious tree staying up for a few more weeks and my hot chocolate bar staying out until it's empty because I love them both so much but you get the idea. Mine and Andrew's first holiday season together went swimmingly and our first Christmas eve together began with him asking the best question a girl can hear: "Do you want to get a drink first before we got to my family's?" God, I love him.  and yes, yes I did. so we drove over to one of our favorite local bars and it was perfect. I loved being able to just sit in a dark bar covered in Christmas lights and just kind of soak up the whole experience. I couldn't kiss Andrew enough or clink my glass to his glass enough or tell him Merry Christmas enough. (Yes, I may have been buzzed at this point. you see, I get sweeter with every sip) So after a drink or more, we drove down the highway to Andrew's families house where I met lots of cousins, aunts, uncles and more that couldn't have been more welcoming or sweet to the new girl in the room. I think I stood in the same spot in the kitchen for the entire three hours we spent there and had the best conversations with people I felt like I had known forever.  
Christmas morning we were both up pretty early and got to lay around without having anything to do which was juuuust fine by me. He made omelets around 9 am that put us into a sleeping coma until we were back into the car, heading to his grandma's house. There, all the kids, grandkids and grown ups meet for a breakfast/brunch gathering at noon where we sipped coffee with baileys and watched the little kids run in circles until we had to leave again for Christmas location #2. Picture that movie, Four Christmases. Have you ever seen it? That was pretty much our day, except we like seeing our families, we never fought about anything, and we didn't get to be Joseph and Mary in a Christmas play. Actually, I guess the only similarity to our Christmas and that movie was all of the driving we did... and the fact that Andrew dresses pretty much just like Vince Vaughn in that movie. So we drove from one side of town (Anderson) to the other (Fairfield) to see my family and watch more babies open more presents and eat more ham and cheeseball and hug many more relatives. I always like being around my dad's side of the family, as there are always kids running around screaming and lots of babies to hold and my stepmom is the world's best present finder (she got us this beautiful victorian settee couch, a huge gold-tone hanging wall mirror and a shark vacuum and I squealed in delight using it for the first time)
After our festivities in Fairfield (and our first actual, official photo together! aren't we cute!) we headed right back to Anderson, where we spent time with just Andrew's immediate family and opened a few gifts with them until it was finally time to get back home and relax from the longest and greatest Christmas day I've had in a long time. It's been forever since I've actually, truly, honestly, no bullshit enjoyed the holiday season and the company I was spending it with. In fact, it's been forever since I've actually been this happy in my life and I can't wait to see what 2017 brings. I hope everyone had a great Christmas with the ones you loved or I at least hope you got a decent buzz on while you spent it with people you kind of liked. Happy Holidays!! 

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