Happy Halloween 2016!!

happy November 1st! 
i hope everyone out there had as much fun as our crowd did last night!! it was such a good time spent with the babies and i had to share a little about it. i drove for what felt like forever up to my grandma's house where i met with family to walk the little ones around for trick or treating. I don't see them nearly as much as i would like to, but we're finally at an age with Amelia that I don't have to explain who i am to her each time i see her (yay for cousins that pretend to be aunts. only child life is the worst) her mom made the sweetest cape for her and she went as Little Red Riding Hood and her baby Max went as a wolf, of course. Seeing these get ups was worth the near hour drive in traffic, and they did not disappoint. we all met at my grandma's house, and as i pulled up and got Bronson out of the car, the whole family was already sitting around a portable fire pit in the driveway, where they were making s'mores and drinking homemade hot chocolate (ohhhh homemade hot chocolate...you gotta love grandmas house, am i right?) of course, i brought my fur baby dressed in his Dinosaur costume and he was precious as always. It cracks me up how much he loves that costume. You guys, he curls up with it and sleeps. It's the cutest thing. Plus, it was hilarious  to see how many kids I saw dressed as dinosaurs as well and Bronson was happy to steal pets and licks from all of them. he cracks me up with how much he looooves a good crowd of people or a lap to sit on (the pictures of him on my dad's lap are kind of my new favorites. look at that big head!) so once the babies finally showed up, we loaded up puppies and kids and leashes and red wagons and set out. Between two pups (one tiny puppy that haaates leashes and one a giant pit bull), two babies and four adults, we moved at a slower pace than anything you've ever seen in your life but it was hilarious watching us all try and keep it movin'. It was also funny to see how we all rotated what we were carrying throughout the walking too, some of us started out holding babies and ended up pulling wagons. some started out holding onto dog leashes and ended up carrying babies. and by 8pm, i was ready to be holding a vodka & tonic but i settled for a burnt marshmallow (two hands up for the burnt marshmallows!) 

Amelia couldn't have been funnier watching her go from door to door and I've officially decided that whatever age she was last night, down to the day, is my new favorite. She's smart as hell and so funny and the stuff she says cracks me up. she was not feelin' the trick or treating process for the first few houses and i can totally understand why. i'm pretty sure she missed a nap yesterday, but i also figure you spend the whole year telling your kids to not talk to strangers and then one day a year they're supposed to ask a stranger (that is dressed as a witch, i might add) for a tootsie roll... that's gotta be confusing, right?! so i walked up with her to a few houses, as she held a tight grip on my pointer finger (which is the cutest thing in the world, right?) and we asked for candy and said thank you together.. but by house #4, she was on her A game and was running from the red wagon to the houses, from the houses back to the red wagon- with her candy bag and little red cape both flying in the air. At one point, someone from a house threw a piece of candy in her bag and as she looked down at it- then up at me- she yelled "Oh that's what I'm talkin' about!" and i nearly fell over it was so funny. with only one minor melt down on the record, i'd say she did a pretty good job. (don't get me wrong, she made that melt down count for sure. that Amelia of ours has some lungs on her) 

Max was just as precious and squishy as ever and whenever i'm around him, i try and take full advantage and hold him as much as possible. he was pretty much only interested in chewing on my hair and staring down at Bronson but i could have carried him around forever. (i'm lying. i definitely couldn't hold him forever. i had him on my hip for not even two hours straight last night and i can barely lift my arms today. how do you moms do it???) he kind of got the shaft on the treats but he was happy to suck on my jacket collar and wiggle around so yay for having the most content baby in all the land in our family.

Bronson, my dear sweet fur child, was great. granted he wants to sniff every dog ass he comes into contact with, and be prepared for him to jump on you (sorry!) but when it comes down to it, i'm so relieved at how good that animal is with people and little kids especially. There were a hundred kids petting him all night and I've seen plenty of dogs freak out and not like being bombarding that much and that would suck as an owner. But if it were up to Bronson, he would still be out there right now getting loved on from witches and giraffes. We even went back to my grandma's house after trick or treating and passed out candy to the late comers and Bronson let kids feed him marshmallows right out of their hands. I gotta give the props to my roommate for training him to take food gently because it's the sweetest and most relieving thing to watch my big pit bull open his mouth soooo sloooowwwwllyyy to let a little kid throw a marshmallow in it. Good job, B! He was the happiest dog on the planet last night and was past out in the car before we even got out of my grandma's neighborhood. Side note: can you picture anything cuter than a pit bull dressed up as a dinosaur past out in your passenger seat? Yeah, me neither. 

i hope everyone had a safe, fun and sugar filled Halloween! here are the few (very few. because babies are heavy) pictures i got of the night.  
^ i fully plan on having this bad boy blown up for Amelia's high school graduation party. 

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