good stuff around the WWW

just some good little clicks around the internet. enjoy your week, y'all!!

here are the most popular Halloween costumes this year!

i will still search for this song on my phone and sing along. this version is aces.

the US/Mexican border was opened for 3 minutes. Here is what happened.

this boy  would rather make stuffed animals for sick kids than anything else. wow.

here is what's happening to our population . every second.

as a patron, these drinks look bad ass. as a bartender, i would want to kill myself making them.

This would definitely keep me from chewing on my fingernails.

i plan to organize one of these at my day job for kids this Christmas! donate here!

i'll be sending this article over to my landlord. i want these floors soooo bad!!

i want to make an effort to try a new to me restaurant every week. gonna start here.


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