the half up top knot

it never fails that every year, right after summer, i'm ready for a hair change. whether it's cutting it all off or going dark or *gasp* cutting bangs over my bathroom sink. i love my long hair and i'm lucky that ombre has been in style (i think?) for the past 5 years so my hair maintenance couldn't be much easier. but i've been looking lately for ways to incorporate change without anything too drastic. one trend that i've always loved from a far is the half up top knot. its effortless and rough look are what draw me to it, as i like any style that looks like you just rolled out of bed. (i've found that my best smokey eye comes from after i sleep in my makeup and lay on my face. anyone else?) god blessed me with a thick head of hair and i'll probably be attempting this style tonight for work. i'm thinking lots of dry shampoo and texture spray, some gigantic barrel curls, and maybe 20 bobby pins. wish me luck! 
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