My new rug that cost less than a phone bill

this past week, i got something for my apartment that I've wanted for a while: a big beautiful oriental rug. at my day job, i study oriental rugs allllll day long. I've learned so much about patterns and colors and styles and everything else that it's given me even more of a reason to love and appreciate them. i knew i wanted something big and bright for the living room floor. i knew i wanted it either in red hues or green hues. and i knew i needed it to be cheaper than majority of what i could find online. between an unruly pup, a roommate that loves to wear shoes all the time, and my habit of enjoying every meal at the couch i knew i needed to find a piece that had a busy pattern to hide stains (i'm planning for the future) and something under $200. 

I've been looking for a while and hadn't seen anything that was jumping out at me until i found E Sales Rugs. i must have spent an hour on that site looking through hundreds of beauties. all sizes, designs and most importantly- price! i love any site that can filter down the search pretty specifically and E Sales Rugs did just that. i plugged in "8x11", "medallions" and "under 200" and this rug, among about 700 more, fit the bill. so i made the jump and clicked Add to Cart. this rug ended up being right around $130 (which is bat shit insane cheap for a rug this size) and took 2 days to get to me. 2 DAYS! also crazy (shipping and returns are free, too!) i had it delivered to a girlfriend's house and she brought it to me and i unwrapped it expecting the world. i mean, how could a rug that cheap be pretty at all?? but right as i saw the first corner of it, i rolled it out and i am so obsessed. the pattern is crisp and detailed and the the colors are perfect. i love when that happens so much. when you order something online for a too good to be true price and it ends up being amazing. so here's a few photos of my new rug beauty. welcome home, baby. 



  1. You have the best finds! Looks so good in your place.

  2. this is amazing. i bought a white rug for my living room because it was beautiful and because white = yes in all of my books. but i have two mutts and a 1 year old. why did i think white was a good choice? ive just been dealing with the terrible off-whiteness because i couldnt bear to fork over $400 for a replacement. thank you for (hopefully!) saving the day and my living room!

    1. you won't be sorry, i promise! and with free shipping, it's kind of a risk free decision!! good luck


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