the Howl-o-ween Pug Fair with my Bronsonosaurus

some holidays are targeted toward certain types of people. Valentines is for couples. Christmas is for 
kids. but halloween? halloween is for everyone. including the pups. i found this doggy halloween parade online a few days ago and instantly knew that i had to take bronson. finding a halloween costume for a 60 pound pit bull is no easy feat but thank you, petsmart for this $10 work of art. bronson went as a brontosaurus and it couldn't have looked any cuter. once we got there, bronson lost his mind. there was so much to sniff and lick and pee on and he couldn't have been any happier. shockingly, he was the pit bull i saw there but there was pretty much every breed and size pup you could imagine, all dressed in the greatest of costumes. we saw the Pope, pirates and a taco. as always, i'm biase that my dog was the cutest of all but that's up for debate. here's a few pictures of the day! 

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