Good stuff around the WWW.

Most importantly, click here to register to vote!

This school replaces detention with meditation for little ones.

These kids try to recognize classic Disney songs.

Dogs in NYC subways need to be in bags now. This is genius.

I'm on the hunt for a new bottle of perfume. These are a good start for my search.

I used to just slather coconut oil all over my face. That was wrong. This is right. 

When you need a break from the internet (kind of) go here.

i go back and forth all the time on mattresses on the floor. thoughts?

what your coffee order says about you. iced coffee all day for meeee!

I've been contemplating bangs for fall and this uploading site is gonna come in handy!

This dress is on its way to me right now and i pray i can pull it off. boobs, don't fail me now. 

And lastly, take this creepy test to see if you are... in fact... a psycho

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