don't ever tell a girl to relax or chill. unless it's with ice cream. and make it halo top!!

Spend 45 minutes with me and you'll know I have a deep, intimate relationship with dessert food and sugary treats. Brownies, cookies and cakes are my boyfriends and I love them all dearly. To put it in perspective, it could be 2am during a Wednesday night snow storm and I would drive to find the nearest cinnamon roll. That's the truth, just ask my car insurance company. The point is- I am THEE dessert person.  And If there's one thing that you can count on in this crazy little life, it's ice cream. 

Sooo when I heard about these magical little pints from Halo Top that have about as many calories as a bag of carrots (that's probably not true but stay with me here) I was mega stoked. I'm no health nut or calorie counter by any means, but if I can find something that tastes like sugar and only costs a couple hundred calories- I'm totally on board. With too many amazing flavors to choose from, I stood in the freezer aisle at the grocery store and stared at the golden pints from the other side of the glass, only to talk to myself for about two and half minutes while contemplating which flavor direction to go. I couldn't choose just one so I went with pistachio, chocolate mocha chip and sea salt caramel. There are also your classic unsung heroes- vanilla and chocolate- if that's the kind of life you lead. And once I scrap these three pints clean, I'll be searching for that oatmeal cookie flavor!!! I mean, oatmeal cookies? As an ice cream? As a HEALTHY ice cream? I can't. 

So I got these home and had every intention to turn them into milkshakes or something else fancy. But then I opened them and with one spoonful of each, I realized they're all delicious on their own. I wasn't expecting it, but the pistachio was by far my favorite of the three. It figures I find a healthy ice cream with guilty flavor options and choose the "healthiest" one of the bunch. Halo Top is still up and coming but anyone that knows about them will tell you just how tasty they are. And did I mention they're super guilt free? I'm sorry, I just can't get over it. Their flavors range from birthday cake to peanut butter and I promise you'll find one (or five) flavors you love. I'm writing this with a pint in front of me and though I'm freezing, it's totally worth it. So so totally worth it. 

So hit up Halo Top and find a grocer near you that has these in their ice cream aisle. I promise you'll be able to spot those golden pints from standing in the produce section. (Veggies. Ew.)
 this post was sponsored by Halo Top. 


  1. I've seen these around and felt quite doubtful about trying... when it comes to desserts, and especially ice cream, I go for the real thing. There's absolutely no point in the "low fat" or "low sugar" or whatever options for me - if you're going to do it, DO IT. But I consider you a trustworthy source on sweet things, so I'm definitely willing to try! The photos sure do look tasty.

    1. i completely agree and was very skeptical... i will say, the sea salt doesn't taste like sea salt and the mocha doesn't taste like mocha. but they're both really good. the pistachio though is amazing and like nothing i've ever tasted before. and there's soooo many flavors at both krogers i went to!


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