bootie bootie bootie rockin' everywhere

i never ever (ever) splurge on clothes or shoes. ok, maybe not never. but still, it's once in a blue moon that Jamie Dawn treats herself. But yesterday, while putting away my laundry and straightening up my shoes, i realized what was missing; a bright and pretty new pair of fall booties. i spent most of my winter in a pair of 10 year old Uggs but fall? fall is for booties. because even though god gave me crooked teeth and terrible fingernails, i was blessed with great ankles and those babies deserve the spotlight. I got my first pair of booties maybe 2 years ago, a pair of booties. I found them on ebay for about $40 and have worn them to death. I love them dearly and with every stain and smudge that they accumulate, i love them more. BUT! the time has come. the time has come to pay retail. I rummaged through the internet earlier and found these to be my favorites out there right now. I have #4 and #5 sitting in a virtual cart rand I'm about to pull the trigger. Please universe, keep your snow for a little bit longer so my new booties can take a walk around my wild and crazy life. Like to the grocery store or the bank. CrAzY!!
i love them all, so if there are any size 8 ladies out there that wanna go halfsies on the others- you just let me know. i'll share. linked all the booties below:

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