tonight, i'm cleanin' out my closet.

i would like to think that eminem's entire point of that song was a good spring cleaning. and now i'm having fun picturing him rapping while throwing his clothes into piles. and if you're like me, you do everything ass backwards so i decided right before fall was a good time to get rid of most every thing i wear. i recently got a new job, one that's on the professional side, and it just seemed like the right time to go into my deep pit of a closet and get rid of all that junk i've accumulated over the years. yes, years. i never clean out my closet. and i've had this wooden rack now for a while and decided to challenge myself. i wanted my entire wardrobe- let me repeat- MY ENTIRE WARDROBE to fit on that rack. with the exception of bras, socks, bathing suits, pajamas and a few bulky winter coats and sweaters… it's all pretty much there. i'm so happy about it i could burst. so here's how i went about the process….
^ my before and after ^
not picture was the first mountain of clothes to get rid of. stained t shirts from high school, jeans i'll never fit into again and sweatpants from a walk of shame that i would prefer to forget. first thing to do? take everything out of your closet. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you'll see just how much you have and you'll want to cry. but it will be a good, healing cry.
- things you haven't worn in over a year
- things you're holding onto for some weird reason
- things you don't fit into or you don't like how they fit 
(i find that it's just depressing to see those items in my closet anyway)
- things with rips, tears, stains (that aren't intentionally there)
- things you bought for $1 at the thrift store just to have,  you haven't worn, and you aren't gonna
- things you've borrowed from others (make a pile and return them. they'll be stoked)
- things like your 10 year old prom dress

when it comes to getting rid of stuff:
throw away underwear, torn up bras, things that are damaged. basically anything that would make you say "ew" at the thrift store. don't add to that problem, you guys!
donate or sell the rest!

if you're like me, it goes in a box, gets dropped off at the thrift store and never thought of again.

use certain items as decor as well as clothing. hats can hang from nails on the walls. kimonos and sequin tops can be displayed proudly. 
buy yourself some new hangers. i got 2 24-packs from target for $15 each and they make such a difference. they look so much better and they are super sturdy. some people might not like that they're a little thicker and take up a little extra space, but i think it will keep me from buying clothes if i can't fit them on my rack. 
organize your clothes in a way that makes sense to you. some people will say color coding. some organize by season. some go from longest to shortest. i don't know what i did but i like it. i remember in  beauty school i tried to organize my closet once by color. if you know anything about the world of beauty school, you know we have to wear black every single day. so when you're searching for that one specific top in a sea of black tanks, goooood luck. figure out what works for you and your clothes. 

double up your pants on hangers OR fold them. i find that pants take up so much space and if you're like me, you wear the same 4 pairs over and over. i got rid of all of them except for a few good pairs of jeans and some fun slouchier slacks. i'm going thru a dress phase right now so i'm not too worried about my pants drought. 
get rid of ugly stuff. with having a rack that's constantly on display, it was easy to see things in good light and up close. i pulled out plenty of shirts and thought oh my godddd why did i buy this?!? it's so ugly!  get it outta here. more room for sequins! sequins and neutrals, apparently. 
not pictured are under garments, sweaters, leggings, pajamas... all of these pieces (the kind that are kinda wrinkle-proof) now live in small, pretty baskets. i'll never be the person that matches up socks or folds leggings so baskets are great for me. i kind of like the look of them just sort of overflowing with intimates, no? oh, and i stack my sweaters. 
i know, i know. girls love their shoes. so i probably stand alone on this. but i wanted to narrow my closet down to 10 pairs. including one pair of tennis shoes that i'm saving for a rainy athletic day. other than that, it's neutral boots, Birkenstocks and booties that pretty much go with everything.  utilize your floor space or those shoe organizers that hang on your closet doors. 
i hope this helps a little bit to give you a little closet piece of mind! 

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