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last night, my roommate and i decided to break up the mid-week monotony the best way that anyone can: TACOS. delicious, melt in your mouth, add an inch to your waist taco Tuesday and it was the best idea ever.. even though it would have probably been a better idea to break up the week on a Wednesday, but whatever. We even took the pup along for dinner (after googling "dog friendly restaurants in Cincinnati" for 5 minutes) and he was so excited about it. no one on this planet likes car rides and tacos more than Bronson. So off we went downtown to claim our patio table and enjoy the early fall, late summer, mild heat. and maybe you have a dog, maybe you have kids, maybe you have some other reason that you like to travel around with as little stuff as possible... but when it comes to walking around with Bronson downtown, it's always a good idea to take as few of provisions as possible. he's a precious angel dog, but he's a handful. so the less purses and wallets and pocketbooks you have to carry or dig thru pockets for, the better. and so, last night was the perfect night to try out Jon's new jimmyCASE. it's a wallet and phone case built into one sleek design. the case came in last night and he immediately yanked it out of the bag and clicked it onto his phone, while picking out which cards and how much cash to slide into the elastic strip. While I'm pretty sure most of his enjoyment came from spinning his phone around on the table like a top, it was clear the case made life a little easier. the guy behind the jimmyCASE had an idea in his head to make it more convenient to have all of your necessities in one spot and he hit the mark. now all of your cards, cash and ID's fit into one spot without the added bulk of a wallet in one back pocket and a cell phone in the other. plus... the case came in a really sleek mahogany finish and an olive green elastic band. perfect for the upcoming season. I've linked jimmyCASE below so you can check out their case selections and grab yours today. there's a new member coupon code, too! 
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