the day i found a box of vinyls

don't ever let someone tell you that fast food is bad. because i'm here to tell you my friends that last week, during my weekly trip to my local taco bell, i spotted a box in the parking lot. i had Bronson in the car and asked him (don't you talk to your dog when you're driving with them in the car?) "Bronson, what if that box is full of puppies or kittens?" well, it wasn't… but as we crept up to the mystery box, we found the next best thing one can find deserted in a parking lot: VINYL RECORDS! a box full of them, over a hundred actually. my jaw may have hit my dashboard at that very moment. i sat there while looking around at several of the parked cars in the lot and wondered 1. what the hell? and 2. is this for real? and 3. can i …like… take these home? so i slowly threw the box in the back of my car. slowly enough to make sure if anyone around was connected to the box, they had plenty of time to run up and tackle me to the ground and i sat there for a few extra minutes afterward, too. the point is, i promise, if that had belonged to someone, i would have known it. they were left there on purpose. so they smelled musty and they needed a good cleaning- and some had such bad water damage that i had to throw them out… but holy shit … there are still about 70 new to me records in my home now and i could do back tips about it. it's a life long mission growing your record collection and not a cheap goal by any means. so this box certainly didn't hurt the process. 

here's a few of my favorites i found when i went throughout the box. welcome home, Al Green! I'm sure you'll be happy living right up against the Foreigner vinyl that already resides on the shelf. 

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