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it's always a good night when you can make a new friend. it's an even better night when you make one that has a musical gift. while meeting up with a buddy at a bar in my beloved Northside a few weeks ago, I was introduced to the nicest guy named Jared. After a little chitting and chatting, i learned that Jared was not only musically gifted but that he was a member of the band Season Ten. i know talent when i see it, so i jumped at the chance to check them out in person. He was cool enough to let me come and see their last show, annoy them with flash photography (sorry guys!) and even get an interview as well. check it out below!
1. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions! 
Ok, so this first one is obvious but what kind of band would you call Season Ten?  
 Our go-to genre to define ourselves is Parking Lot Rock, which doesn't really have any identifying qualities... mostly because we made it up. We like to dabble in all genres and decades of alternative/rock/pop/groove/surf. More specifically, we all love The Strokes, the deadpannedness of Radiohead, and 80's synth pop like The Cure, so you're getting a little taste of everything with Season Ten.

2. Your show was awesome and everyone there seemed to have the best time. Have most of your fans been following you since the beginning? Or are you seeing more new faces at shows? 
This year, we're certainly seeing newer, more regular faces. We started from scratch, all about 19 years old with zero fans under our belt. Through just this summer, we've seen our fans double from last year. But it's not just the music that's bringing them out.  We like to spend time with our fans outside of the venue, and most of our newest fans have become really great friends of ours.
3. How did your band come together? What's your guys' history with one another? 
Jared Metz, the singer/guitarist and Alex (Sarki) Sarkisov, the keyboard/guitarist started writing in 2012, but didn't really get going until we met our drummer Alex Murphy-White (who was originally our bassist it's a long story) through a flier at NKU. Brian, our current bassist, was a mutual friend of Alex's who was looking for a project and came to us after numerous auditions with other bassists. He ended up being the last guy we auditioned on a whim and was a perfect match.

4. Are you all original members of the band? Or have people came and gone over time? 
Haha well here's the 'long' story. Our original drummer Jordan and I started hanging with Sarki and his buddy Jeff (original bassist). We were all about 17 or 18 years old, and started jamming in Jordan's garage. We kicked Jeff out for some reason, and replaced him with Alex Murphy-White who had been a drummer his whole life. Jordan had been a guitarist since elementary school, and began switching off with Alex on bass. Eventually Jordan left, and Alex became our official drummer.  Brian was hired on bass, even though he's originally a guitarist. We take advantage of that now, and switch Sarki and Brian to give our live set a bit of a twist.
5. Fill in the blank "if you like the band ______, you'll LOVE Season Ten!" 
If you love Chocolate Sauce poured on your lover, you'll love Season Ten!

(Note: I cracked up at this answer)

6. Who writes the songs? What are they primarily about?

Usually our songs start with a verse/chorus match up that either Jared or Brian writes on their own time, but the majority of the song writing happens when all of us are in the same room. We know an idea is worth our while when we can all easily groove with it, and write a part without trying too hard. The composition, and the arch of the song doesn't occur until we've all had our say in the creation. Saying just 1 of us writes the majority of the music would be inaccurate.
7. Do you have a most memorable show? Any that stick out from good or bad experience? 
Gotta pat ourselves on the shoulder for this one: For the release of both of our EP's, we used Brian's brother's gym as a venue. The front lobby is more of a recreational center, so we set up our PA system, put beer pong and cornhole tables in the back, and invited our favorite local acts for a Halloween Party the first year, and a Beach themed party for the second. Our buddies in Rich wizard, who put on another one of our favorite shows at their house venue 'The Rat's Nest,' Dark Colour, who's making a lot of progress in the US and just went on tour in Canada, our Tennessee friends in Kerchief, our buddies in Coconut Milk, and Jared and Alex's Hip-Hop side project called Pizza Boiz all put on amazing shows at a once in a lifetime venue tucked away in OTR. It was a true underground/DIY experience and really helped out Season Ten's street credit. Easily the most memorable shows, all self-produced and promoted to death. 

8. What are the best and worst parts of playing in clubs? Where do you prefer to play? 

Playing to no one is about the lowest feeling you can have, but that hasn't happened in years. The only places where that has occurred is a venue that requires presale tickets with zero foot traffic, which we tend to avoid now. Other than that, we love our music, and we have a good time performing anywhere for any amount of people. That, above all, is the cure for avoiding an empty venue.
Our favorite venue though... probably the ones we haven't played yet like MOTR or Northside Tavern. They have great sound, with really dedicated promoters, but we need a bit more exposure before they will take us in. The Drinkery was one of our favorites, but they've since turned to a DJ hotspot rather than a band's venue.
9. How do you guys get the word out about your shows? 
Any social media sites we can follow along with? 
Facebook and Instsgtam are our main social media outlets, but word of mouth and creating relationships with our fans has proved to be the most affective promotional tool. If we only relied on social media, we would still be stuck in 2012… but that doesn't mean you shouldn't like us or follow us on Facebook! haha.  also our music is on Spotify, reverbnation and can be purchased on bandcamp, iTunes and GooglePlay. We have two EP'S out 'Dada' and 'Tiny New Dimension,' and a Single coming out by the end of 2016 called 'The Sun.'

10. And lastly, tell us about some upcoming shows! 

We just scheduled a show at The Comet for September 6th with Moonbeau! That'll be one of the few shows left for us this year.  We're looking into labels, writing as much as possible, gearing up for our first release of the year, and concentrating on all of our side projects. This whole year, we performed at least once or twice a week. Fun for us, but exhausting for our fans. Although, oversaturating the scene has made us a ton of new friends. We can't wait to get back out there with a fresh new single under our belt and a ton of new music to perform. In 2017, Cincinnati can expect our first full length. We'll be working hard until then.

thanks so much to the guys of season Ten for taking the time to chat. you would be wise to check them out as soon as possible. and the comet is great. i'll be there will bells on! 

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