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does anyone else out there get super pumped when they learn about some crazy random and amazing thing happening in their city that they had no idea existed? like the fact that Jerry Springer flies into the tiniest little hole in the wall coffee shop in Kentucky and does a live podcast for about 40 onlookers? a coffee shop that's about 20 minutes from my apartment? yeah. things like that. things like that get me more excited than most anything. my good friend Andrew heard about this event, reserved us seats weeks ago, and we had no idea what to expect. but it turned out to be pretty perfect. we went to a bar next door and chugged a few adult beverages before heading over to what ended up being the best possible Tuesday night I've ever had.
we were the youngest people there by about 40 years and i would like to think that's the reason that Jerry (we're on a first name basis, now. us, and good ol' Jer) kept talking to us. that, and the fact that i pushed my way to getting front row seats for us, up close and personal. seeing a man in person that you watched at 4 o clock most weekdays while in middle school (sneaking to watch, obviously) had me totally fan girling and my cheeks were actually hurting when he was talking to Andrew and me about his flip phone. he's had it for about 20 years. god, he's so cool. he ordered the most obnoxious looking drink covered in whipped cream and chocolate shavings and kept moving his glasses from the tip of his nose to somewhere between his brow and hairline and he instantly became my hero for the night. he talked on his podcast about how he was once the mayor of Cincinnati, his love for folk music (i'm thinking that's why he picked this particular coffee shop, Folk School Coffee Parlor) and other bits. he was super personable and while we sat and watched and laughed and snap chatted the whole thing, our only hope was that the guy would come over and have a drink with us next door after the show. it didn't happen, but i have big hopes for the next time we go! here's a few pics from the night...
my beverage lacked whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a nice, sturdy mug… but then again, i'm NO jerry springer, ya know? 
i felt like a nerd asking him for a picture, but i figured what the hell, this guy has seen some shit. he won't care. and he didn't. he was more than accommodating. 
he strolled past us while walking up to take his seat and commented on how sorry he was that my jeans were so ripped. he gave a little chuckle and grabbed my shoulder. i then proceeded to blush, let out the most obnoxious laugh and vowed to never get rid of them. they're now my jerry jeans.
if you're up for a drive down into northern kentucky, hit this event up! i'm not sure of the exact schedule or whether or not it changes, but click HERE for more information and to reserve your seats! 
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! 

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  1. I love that you loved our podcast, and I know Jerry feels the same. In fact, I'll be sure to tell him that he feels that way. (Jene Galvin, producer and co host)


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