a trip to Insomnia Cookies

last week, in pure Jamie Dawn fashion, i got a hankering that just wouldn't go away. and whether it's for a sweet treat or a new bathroom paint color, i'm always up for an impulse life decision. and i'm also not the type of gal to not give in when my brain and stomach are telling me that they need something. i'll give in every. single. time. and so- my craving was for a cookie. just a simple chocolate chip cookie. whether it came from a gas station or my grandma's kitchen. i didn't care. and at this particular moment i was texting a friend about my needs and desires and he let me in on something i had not yet been hip to: INSOMNIA COOKIES. have you heard of them? they're taking over, you guys. just creeping their way out to west coast (but never fear, Arizona, they deliver anywhere!) our Cincinnati location is up in Clifton which is where the University of Cincinnati is. i mean, snaps to a business that's selling yummy treats on a college campus! genius! they're known for selling the most mouth water cookies until the wee hours of the morning. 3 am! and not only are they open…. THEY DELIVER! go ahead and take a minute to let that sink in. these cookie angels will deliver fresh baked warm cookies to your front freaking door until 3 in the morning. and as a bartender, 3 am is a pretty standard dinner time. and yes, cookies can be dinner. so.

Insomnia was nice enough to let me come in and take a few photos of their shop and they even sent me off with a box full of cookies so basically they now have a permanent residence in my cookie loving heart.  (i'm chewing my way through an M&M cookie as i type one handed right now. no easy feat.) if you happen to live outside of the delivery areas, never fear. this shop is easy to find smack dab in the middle of Clifton and you can pretty much smell the place a block away. i mean seriously, can you imagine living next to a place that baked cookies all day? i personally would pay an unspeakable amount in rent. and a gym membership, probably.

so anyway, here's a few photos of the shop and cookies and boxes of cookies and me eating cookies and me holding cookies. anytime i've been there, the staff has been so sweet (yes, shameless "sweet" pun) and today i walked in to meet Malora or as she is known around town as "cookie lady" who told me that one time specifically, she was out and was recognized by a girl. the girl told her that she wished she had some cookies to give away because she was craving one and wouldn't you know it- Malora handed the girl a cookie she happened to have on her. the world needs more Malora's, am i right? it would probably be a good idea for us all to think to ourselves before bed "have a hugged a cookie lady today?" enjoy the pics, and be sure to check out INSOMNIA COOKIES online and sign up for their emails. there's always some good deals going on and you'll want to be in the cookie loop for sure.
eating cookies while walking. healthier. 
photo credit: Jon Floyd @floydsie

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