10 things

1. the best thing about 2016 is season 5 of this and i will binge watch it all in one day 
2. keeping my eye out for a marble topped coffee table and let's all cross our fingers for me. 
3. i've developed a theory that the more gross my bathtub looks, probably the more clean my body is. example: the other night i did a salt scrub on my legs and shaved. then i did a face mask and a hair mask and needless to say, there was a ring of god only knows what around the tub when i got out. but i felt and looked great so whatever haha. tmi? 
4. this dad filmed his kids coming down the steps every year for christmas. so cute.
5. I'm pretty sure my house goes thru things like nesquik and cookies faster now than it  did when i was a kid. probably because i can buy them myself now. 
6. the worst day you'll ever have isn't when you lose your job, fight with a friend or get dumped. it's when you drop your toothbrush on the bathroom floor and it rolls 3 times. 
7. i've got one tomorrow so here's some first date etiquette
8. making out with someone that tells you they have the flu and you say "it's cool, it's worth it" is only and i repeat ONLY worth it in that moment. don't do it.
9. if you aren't gagging at least a little bit, you aren't doing it right. i'm talking about brushing your teeth here, people. 
10. it's probably because i look like her, but this moment will always give me chills. go kc! 

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