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my freshmen year of college, i went home for winter break and worked at Buckle in the mall. this song played daily and it made anberlin become one of my favorite bands.

this song is soooo 80's, but my dad and i used to go to dinner all the time when i was growing up and he would play this in the car every time. he would drum across the dashboard and we would sing it at the top of our lungs. if i ever get married, this will be the song i dance with him to. i love it.

i have no idea when this song came out, but i would listen to it everyday driving to beauty school. my girlfriend at the time lived down in kentucky and it was a long drive to class in the morning. but i would play this cd every morning. i would chew on my pink orbit gum and smoke my marlboro light and felt like i could take on the world, let alone a day at beauty school.

growing up, camping and boating was a summer staple. and i remember my parents owning a giant green impala for a few years and driving to the lake. it may not have even played twice. but i remember this song playing on the radio one time specifically and i'll never forget it. i was only maybe 7 or 8 and i didn't even understand what the song meant. but i knew i liked it and now when i drive through indiana in the summer time i still like to play it.

growing up, my mom would blare james taylor through the house. usually when she was cleaning and all the windows were open and she would sing along. thank god us roberts ladies can carry a tune (a little) and it was always a pleasant experience to listen. james taylor will always remind me of my mom.

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