an interview with Korbee, the band

i'm that girl that's running around cleaning her house with her broadway show tunes blaring in her headphones. i loved show choir in high school and was in a few musicals, too. you could usually find me playing the role of  "teenager #4" or some other crucial character like that.  case and point, i have mad respect for a beautiful voice, or two! 
so ya know, this little baby blog has brought so many amazing opportunities my way and last night was one for the books. i was asked to come down and do a write up of a band that is new to me: Korbee and i have nearly burned a hole in the cd that i picked up over at the merch table. 
they met in college right here in cincinnati and are now based out in LA. their music is a perfect blend of classically trained, naturally talented pop rock magic. which is my favorite. anything that i can sing along to (not nearly as well, of course) and play over and over is right up my musical alley. 
 i read up quite a bit on Jenn and Tom Korbee and these two are some of the coolest. they were actually both on American Idol helloooo. i mean, if i ever move out to LA, i'm looking them up and gonna take them out to dinner, just to ask them two million more questions; but last night, i had time to chat with them to ask a few. they were beyond friendly and so sweet to give me a few minutes of their time. 
take a peek at our interview below:
JD: first of all, welcome back to Cinci! I have to know, where all have you guys been eating since begin back for a few days?
K: well, skyline chili of course! we love it. and graeters for their ice cream. 
JD: I must have listened to "Great Escape" 20 times on the way here tonight. And that video is beautiful. Did you both help write it? Do you tend to write most of your music together?
K: Yeah, pretty much everything is written together. We come to each other with ideas, and we build off of one another.  
JD: Meeting in college, getting married and forming a band with your spouse is kind of the perfect fairy tale, but there has to be times that it's hard, right? What's the hardest part about working with a spouse?
K: Oh, probably separating work from our personal time. Just making time to be a couple rather than working on our music. We make sure we do both. 
JD: I imagine there's some down time while traveling and at home. What are you guys watching on Netflix right now? 
K: Oh, we love Homeland and Bloodline. We're obsessed with them. 
JD: Do you guys have any kids or fur kids? 
K: Yes, we have a Morkie named Cali and she's with us always. She's the best. She's here right now! 
Tom: She flies better than I do, actually. 
JD: Writing privately helps me when I'm stressed out or upset about something and needing to vent but don't really want anyone to see it. Do you guys ever write in the heat of the moment?
K: Oh yes. That's where our best stuff comes from. When the emotions are high is when our best music comes out. A lot of our songs are written from specific moments where something real and deep happened to us. Keep writing from your hard times! 
a thousand thank you's to Jenn and Tom for letting me check out their show and ask them a few quick questions. They're beautiful people. Check them out on iTunes and hit up their Page for more information on tour dates, bios and photos. 

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