a diy: homemade mint hand scrub

like i've said before, this year we're shooting for the cheapest most budget friendly christmas season ever! we're talkin home made gifts that you found on the side of the road. this little tutorial is perfect to make a quick gift for a lady grab bag, a coworker at the office or just for yourself to keep in the bathroom for some holiday flare… it's MINT HAND SCRUB! get excited!
it requires 3 ingredients, 10 minutes and will make your hands feel baby butt smooth, you guys. 
my friend nichole made some a little while back with basil and it was equally delicious smelling. but for christmas, we figured mint would be nice.
make as much or as little as you want, but all you need to remember is 2:1 Sea Salt to Almond oil ratios and throw in as much mint as ya like!

optional: add essential oils, but i didn't think it needed it. that's your call, though. 
Nichole said to make sure to tell you guys to blanch your mint before adding it to the other ingredients so that it keeps its color and its smell a little longer. this is step one.  what is blanching you ask? (i had to ask, too) Boil water, throw in your mint leaves (NO STEMS) for about 60 seconds.
 strain into the sink and then throw those leaves in an ice bath for a few seconds. strain again and then squeeze out the excess water. they'll look disgusting, but don't worry you're gonna throw them in your food processor or blender anyway. 
which leads me to the second step: throw your salt, oil and mint into your food processor for a few seconds and voila! a minute later, you've got yummy natural and CHEAP hand scrub. scoop it out into mason jars or thrifted tubs and add a tag. this stuff will keep a little longer in the fridge as long as you keep the seal tight. isn't that nifty? 
i'll be throwing a few more cheap holiday gift ideas on here in the next few days so stay tuned! 

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