A quick holiday gift guide

a super quick and easy guide on things no one would mind finding under my tree this year:

1. copper. all the copper in all the world. pots, bowls, tins… whatever. thrift stores and antique malls are the best places to search. they're cheaper and not so mass produced. beware the west elms! also, if you want to throw a succulent in there for good measure, you go right ahead. 
2. monogrammed name plate necklaces. i have one already that was given to me by one of my best friends and i wear it almost daily. they're cute, dainty and go with everything. etsy is usually your best bet and they're pretty cheap too. i'm seeing them for around $25 which is a pretty good deal for something you're gonna wear all the time.
3. candles. big or small. always a good idea. i'm sure you know where to find candles. i don't need to link them, do i? 
4. food is always the way to someone's heart, and if you can get it delivered straight to someone's front door… be prepared for them to love you forever. Green Bean Delivery is an amazing local food delivery service that brings fresh produce and other great products straight to your door. you can set up accounts for others and use your own pay options.
5. blame it on the fact that i keep my apartment pretty chilly, so there's blankets laying all around my house. they're a great gift and you can usually find beautiful old blankets at thrift stores or you can buy them new.
6. records/record players. every home needs one and records just look beautiful filling shelves in your house. plus, it's always fun to just have plenty of fun random records around. my roommate has a "polka dancing" record that cracks me up.  hop online for cheaper options than buying retail record players and throw a few $1 records from goodwill in your gift bag, too! 

good luck this shopping season you guys! keep it cheap and keep it personal! 

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