Paul Young's Funeral Home Christmas Open House

a few weeks ago, i told you guys about a few events going on around the city for cheap holiday date ideas and i think i'll be doing this yearly. it's gotten great responses and it's helped my little wallet out this season, too!  i've made it to a few events myself and it's gotten me more into the holiday spirit than anything else. because for anyone living outside of cincinnati that doesn't know what our midwestern weather is doing right now,  i'll tell you. it's warm. it's …. really really warm. we're talking high 60's during the day and it's kind of bumming me out. it's totally taken that holiday feel out of the air when i can wear flip flops to chop down my christmas tree. how you Californians get into the spirit, i have no idea. half the fun of these holiday events is braving them in the cold! So please- Mother Nature, if you're reading this... give me my winter, please! 

so this past saturday, some girlfriends and i had a lady date and made our way up into mt. healthy to visit the Paul Young Funeral Home Christmas Open House that they put on annually. as the baby of a family owned business, i have all the love and respect in the world for anything that's local and embraces family and they do it right over there. the Young's Funeral Home has been creating this event for years and it's only gotten better over time. from live animals featured (reindeer, you guys. they bring in live reindeer! heart eyes, all day) to lots of yummy snacks to munch on, this was a great event to get people from all over the city to come down and see. here's a few photos i snapped while attending:
the life size nativity scene has been a Young's Funeral Home staple for over 60 years and each figure is hand made. some pieces are newer than others, but people around here anticipate its release every year and for good reason. the detail work on these pieces is incredible, right down the hair on their knuckles and the layers of clothing. on either side, there were live sheep and donkeys, too. since saturday, one of the sheep actually had a baby so if you're able to make your way down to the nativity scene still, go admire that little lady! i'm calling her pancake in my head because that's my go-to name for anything that is small, fluffy and adorable. 
kettle corn was made on site and smelled pretty amazing. oh, and funnel cake FRIES were being made as well. i tried to behave, but i wanted to eat a whole bucket of those bad boys. 
inside the funeral home, each room was filled with christmas decor from over the years and you could tell that hours upon hours of hard work went into creating this event for everyone. the house reminds me the one off of Home Alone; Huge and decked out for the holidays. anyone that has read my apartment tours over the years knows that i like to walk into a space and not run out of things to look at. from the antique furniture to black and white family portraits, my eyes couldn't stop finding beautiful treasures throughout the funeral home and it was nice to see others enjoying it, too. couples young and old admired the knick knacks that lined all of the shelves and small kids were respectful. it was refreshing to say the least. 
REINDEER!!! i wish i had got to spend more time with these guys, but the kids were pretty much glued to the rails and not moving haha. 
a local brass quartet played throughout the night and they were adorable. i like anyone that will smile and pose for my pictures between songs :) 
and even Santa was there! in all of his glory. a full life size wax figure that looked so real, i almost thought it was going to start talking to us. he had the most perfect jolly face and i don't know why but i loved his big nose. he sat in his sleigh proudly up on the porch where people could come by and take their photos with him. 
us ladies got there a little too late in the night and missed the last horse ride by a few minutes, but that was ok. it was just more time to jump back in line for more funnel fries! anyone that was able to make it out to the open house, i hope you loved it too! and if you didn't make it, the nativity scene is still out until the beginning of the year i believe. a huge thank you to the Young Family for putting on an event that makes this little city that much better! 

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