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disclaimer: this post is from a few weeks ago and totally forgot about the thing. woopsies! 
don't mind me while i blare this Taylor Swift album, sip on an adult beverage and do a quick silly post about my amazing new flannel. anyone that's close to me or follows me over on Instagram knows that i have a complete love affair with comfy clothes that i can find at thrift stores and that i can wear nearly every damn day. most of my friends enjoy stores like Madewell and Anne Taylor so i'm kind of the odd man out (they have maybe told me once or twice that i dress "homeless chic" thanks ladies? haha)

 either way, i enjoy a good squishy flannel that i can run around the house in or wear out to run errands around the city. i always scour the men's section looking for them (they're so hard to find these days!) and if I can get lucky, I'll find one that stands out and is different in someway, maybe because of the colors or the buttons. 

Upward Collective and i started following each other on instagram not long ago and i love their collection and what these ladies are up to. i love shops that are built by girls like me that have a vision and that are just working their asses off to make their dreams into realities. This flannel was one of many great things listed on their shop and I adore it. It has two different color patterns on it (the upper half and the lower half) and it's sooo soft! isn't it fun and different? 

my roommate was nice enough to do a little breaking and entering with me to shoots a few photos for me to share with you guys! 
be sure to go visit Upward Collective and support these awesome ladies! 

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