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holy ish, i leave this space with a macaron recipe made from the gods and just don't return for weeks. so many apologies, internet people. i hope everyone out there had a great holiday and new year celebration! i spent christmas eve at my mama's house and woke up to the sounds of breakfast being made (don't you just love going back to your parent's house for the night?) and the anticipation of opening presents. my family went to up to Michigan to a couple of ski lodges so most of our presents entailed new ski and snowboard gear for my stepbrothers and myself. (skiing for me, boarding for them) on the 26th, we took off for an 8 hour drive north to the lodges where my family stayed. we joke that our family vacations are never complete until nearly all of us have cried. we are that loud, bickering table that other tables stare at when sitting in a restaurant, or in our case when we're headed up a ski lift. all in all, though, it was a great trip. gorgeous scenery and the weather was amazing. snowy and sunny. i wish i had some big fancy new years party to write about, but my evening was spent behind a bar serving all of the beautiful people of cincinnati. it was a good ball drop, i'd say.

since new years, it's been a little boring around here. boring or calm- however you take it.  i've been spending a lot more time at home. cleaning regularly and emptying out every damn drawer and cabinet. we're spring cleaning in january, over here people! it feel so good to get rid of so much.  even my junk drawer is beautiful. i went through it and got rid of old batteries. i organized the nuts and bolts. i threw away the pens and markers that were dried up.  it was some serious business. i also recently filled 2 of those thousand gallon garbage bags with clothes to take to the thrift store. i made sure to donate to a thrift store that i never go to, since i'm not trying to regift to myself. my closet looks semi bare but oh so gorgeous and organized. bathrooms are next. then maybe i'll alphabetize the dvd rack. who knows. 
let's seeee what else is going on… uh...
cincinnati weather has been a killer the past 3 days. its about 2 degrees in the morning and the wind cuts thru you like a knife. maybe i'm crazy, but when it's that cold out all I think about are all of the animals stuck outside due to lack of good pet owners. does that make me a weirdo? like i wish i could bring all the creatures into my 68 degree apartment forever. but all i can really do is squeeze my pets close and spoil the crap out of them. 

to sum up my quick post about nothin, i have big hopes for '15. last year was a rough one. by the end of 2014 i was down a job, boyfriend and a few friendships and up about 10 pounds. in 2015 i plan to not take things so seriously, be more empathetic to others and always be grateful for the good in my life. the good things include but are not limited to a warm roof over my head, a few good people that love me and Friends now being on netflix. hashtag blessed. 



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  1. Friends on Netflix. Amen. Gorgeous pictures as always.


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