Warmer weather. and the salsa i can't remember how to make.

i don't know where you are or what kind of weather you're seeing while you do your nightly blogging….but holy *** it's freezing over here in cincinnati. we aren't getting snow. we're getting busted water pipes and crazy electric bills. bronson goes out in the morning and just looks sooo pissed when i make him walk around in the cold. he pees as quickly as possible outside, runs back into the house and onto my bed to thaw out, god love him. my birthday is at the end of january and while seeing a few of my close friends for dinner is awesome and always a good time, i'm not much of a birthday lover anymore. probably because I'm getting closer and closer to 30 and that is just a terrifying thought to me! so aside from birthdays and tax returns, january doesn't really offer too much to anyone. and if you are born in any other month, and have a real grown up job… you might not get excited about tax season and in that case, i can't help you at all. january sucks. 

so on behalf of hating winter right now and being sooo ready for warmer weather, i give you an out of season post. i was just cleaning out photos on my computer and found these from a grill out we had last summer. i don't know if i would even call it a grill out, rather a dinner in the back alleyway that i've tried my hardest to make it look cute. regardless, here's a few photos of warmer weather, my puppy at a much more manageable size and a corn & peach salsa that i kick myself for not writing the recipe down for. damn it. 



  1. Thank you for the little blast of summer. This is glorious and how on earth do you make an alley look like the hippest place in the world?!

    1. Aw thanks girl! Im pretty proud of my alley oasis haha


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