Cincinnati Museum Center: The Mummies Exhibit

there are many places in this city that i love. whether it's a delicious restaurant or a beautiful park or just somewhere that is special to me with a nice memory attached to it. the Cincinnati Museum Center is one of those places. Now I'm guilty of driving by it more than actually going inside, I'll admit, but I think that only makes it even more special when I do get a chance to go. I remember taking field trips there as a kid and didn't you just LOVE field trip day? my mom was always a field trip mom, bouncing around for hours on school busses and carrying 10 sack lunches, all while keeping track of screaming kids that were touching everything in their grasp. (Thanks, mom!) We went to the museum a few times on field trips and I remember not remembering much. I was 10, you guys! All I knew was we weren't going to have homework due the next day and I would get to sit on a bus next to my best friends, back when you were small enough to fit 3 to a bench.

I'm proud to say that as an adult, I get a lot more out of my museum visits. I walk through slowly, read quietly to myself (maybe a few times) then try and absorb everything.  Just walking into the museum you feel as though you are standing in the middle of a piece of art, you know? It really is something to see, if you haven't been there yet and right now there is an amazing exhibition taking place. 

This past Sunday, Maria and I took the afternoon to check out the new Mummies Exhibit and it did not disappoint. WCPO Insider was gracious enough to give me two tickets to check out the exhibit and allow me to take photos throughout. I wouldn't recommend this experience for anyone younger than 10, as all of the mummies inside the exhibit are … well… real. and some of the pieces were fairly graphic. learning about mummies was by far my favorite part of history classes growing up and this exhibit only furthered my intrigue. (I've been googling mummy facts since we went! so much interesting information out there! ah, the internet) we saw mummies of men, women, children and pets as well as artifacts and jewelry. It was puzzling and beautiful at the same time, seeing the bodies of people that have been around for hundreds of years while having so many unanswered questions.

be sure to check out the exhibit if you get a chance. it was truly remarkable and i'm so glad we got the chance to go and see it. here's a few photos that we took while there. enjoy!

this opportunity was made possible by WCPO insider and tickets were ℅ WCPO insider. Thank you

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  1. Fun! Love this building... and that I now finally have an excuse to go there for the Children's Museum too :)


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