An NYC weekend

this past weekend, my best friend and i hopped a bus and rode 12 hours TWELVE HOURS to New York City to see one of our other best friends in her natural habitat. i couldn't ask for a better best friend that will literally drop everything and pack a duffle bag and just go with me anywhere. i love her. we got on the bus and after a long night of tossing, turning, texting and too much netflix- we were there. well, chinatown is where we were and then we walked and subwayed for two hours TWO HOURS to get to our friend's apartment in Hoboken. needless to say, new york city is confusing. but we made it, god willing! it's such a different world in NYC. anyone that knows me knows how much i love Cincinnati. this place is just big enough for me and i couldn't ever see myself leaving. new york was loud and crowded and beautiful and smelly and dirty and wonderful and unappealing all at the same time. so many people looking down with their nose to the grind and others with glitter in their eyes looking for whatever they couldn't find from wherever they came from. it's a magical city that i could only handle twice a year, tops. we had the best time spending some much needed QT with jaimie. that's the friend we went and stayed with. we all three graduated together from high school two million years ago and have only gotten closer over the years.

we hit up plenty of spots while we were there, too many to think of and name, but by far my favorite was Brooklyn. Jamie dawn could do Brooklyn. Jamie Dawn could do the hell out of Brooklyn. it feels smaller and artsy and young and holy shit- that Brooklyn Flea is something out of a dream of mine. I picked up the most gorgeous vintage sequin top and two rad pairs of sunnies and wanted to go on and on but then i remembered the subway/walking/taxi drive that would be in my near future and realized that no rug or chair was worth that hassle.

oh, here's a quick little video i made of our weekend!
music is Arcade on Fire "City with No Children"

here's a quick run down of some of my favorite spots we got to hit up!
Shake Shack we hit up shake shack and it was everything i thought it would be. i even posted a photo of our food (obviously) and shake shacks official instagram page reposted it! those crinkle fries are life. and i don't know what the heck is in shake shack's sauce but i'll take a jar of it home, please and thank you.

Doughnut Plant we also hit up Doughnut Planet  and those were pretty mind blowing too. The tres leches was so moist and had some sort of gooey delicious mystery goop in the middle that was a fun little surprise. The banana peanut butter was a little rich for my blood and definitely required a friend to help finish it.

Ayame Sushi: while the service was less than to be desired, the sushi didn't disappoint. Maria and I split the volcano roll and the bagel roll and then we rolled out of there stuffed and happy. plus, i like any restaurant that allows me to bring my own alcohol inside. yep. Ayame is BYOB.

After the burgers, donuts and sushi all you have to do is throw in some pizza the size of your face and you have what i like to call the perfect New York City weekend diet. and all that walking makes for a pretty guilt free life, don't you think?

Brooklyn Flea: brooklyn flea was the number one thing i wanted to see and go to while i was in New York and i could have stayed there all weekend. so many amazing treasures and waaay too much good stuff to go through. if i lived there, i would redecorate my apartment every month just so i could buy all those yummy persian rugs and wall decor and lamps and and and oh my god. all of it. be mindful though, if you plan on taking pictures or videos some vendors get a little not happy about it.

The High Line: Busy busy busy, that high line. a few too many people in such a small congested area, but still a gorgeous view with great gelato and really cool shops. I can't imagine how much an apartment would cost on the line, probably $1 billion dollars, but it would be worth it to see that view everyday. and did I mention the gelato? Maria liked the hazelnut, and I liked the bite that she let me steal.

we visited about 2 million more places, and it's all became one big hazy memory at this point. but it was so much fun getting to spend some quality time with two of my best friends. life in Ohio was getting a little crazy lately and it was time to get away for a little bit. my favorite part of going out of town is always coming back. i missed my bed and my puppy and my smells and everything else that is mine mine mine. heres a few photos (and i hope you liked the video) !! thanks again, jaimie, for housing us!
the best weekend with the best friends anyone could ask for. 

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  1. Ah, so fun! And your NYC photos are just as awesome and enticing as your Cincinnati ones - no surprise.


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