Green Bean Delivery

a few weeks ago, i was reached out to by Green Bean Delivery to try their program and there was no way i could possible say no. I knew after a week in the bahamas and eating nothing but pizza at 2 am and sipping daiquiris, i would be happy to get home and know that good food was going to be waiting.

have you guys heard of green bean? it's a program that bring fresh foods that are locally grown right to your fingertips and mouths! it allows you to pick out fruits, vegetables, meats, juices and plenty of other yummy goodies and they deliver them- get this- right to your front freaking door. 
yes, you don't even have to leave your house to get your hands on their yummy foods. 
you just wait to hear that glorious knock on your front door,  greet the guy in your bathrobe and then you get to eat like a king until you're down to your last strawberry.

 it's an excellent program for anyone that's 1. trying to eat better and maybe not take in so many donuts and 2. people that are too busy to shop regularly. i'm so bad at keeping good food in my house (you guys should have seen my fridge when i got home from a week away. it was something out of a Stephen King novel, i swear)  so i was happy that i was able to make my green bean grocery list while waiting to board my plane on vacation and it was delivered two days after i was home. 

In addition to your staples like bananas and avocados, it's also a fun and easy way to try out new products, like this steaz peach juice which was so stupid good! contradictory to that unpleasant face i'm making haha. 
Also, in my green bean box, I found some amazing green peppers that I'm sure will make the most delicious stuffed peppers ever in this world. Stay tuned. 
 if you guys haven't checked out Green Bean Delivery yet you absolutely must. And as if fresh & delicious food delivered straight to your door wasn't enough of an incentive, Green Bean has generously allowed me to offer my readers $15 off their first delivery with the promo code  "15LJDml" but move quick, as it expires one week from today! happy meals for everyone!


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  1. Ooh, I've always wanted to try this, and you make it sound even better! But our CSA box from Our Harvest (also an awesome Cincinnati option!) is keeping us plenty busy with the weekly veggies right now, so maybe once that's done for the season...Love your cutting board too!


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