Our Girls Trip To The Bahamas!

two weeks ago, a few girlfriends and i went on a weeklong much needed vacation in the sun! we took off to the gorgeous bahamas and ate way too much yummy food, drank way too many mixed drinks and maybe soaked up a few too many sun rays. Or at least I did. I'm completely fried and loving it. 

here's a few photos that i captured between beach naps. 
almost every shop was brightly painted and so cheery to walk into. i wanted to buy everything just because the locals were so sweet and inviting. i ended up leaving with a bottle of black rum and a few other small gifts for people back home. also, have you ever seen bahamian coins? they're a cool thing to take home just on their own! 
 this kid and his puppy were having the best time jumping off into the crystal clear waters while myself a few other tourists watched. i may have jumped in once or twice, too! 
 drinks & sea glass.
 the scenery was just too much to handle at times. every damn photo i took was absolutely stunning. it would be hard to be in a bad mood down here. 
 see! I told ya I jumped. nothing like a big frozen daiquiri before jumping 10 feet. 
by the last few days we all agreed that one of the best parts of vacation is missing your home. I missed my bed, my apartment and my puppy. it was great to get away but it's always nice to walk into your house and smell your smells and walk around with your bra off and watch what you want on netflix, you know what i mean? 

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