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 guys... my thrift game lately has been ON. POINT. thrifting has always been a huge hobby of mine and lately? i don't know i just feel like i walk into the store, grab my squeaky cart and breathe in that beautiful familiar smell that IS the thrift store (you know the smell i'm talking about. it's a world wide scent i'm sure) 

but last week, I walked out with this chair; as proud as any thrifter could be. i knew i wanted a funky old chair for my bedroom and i didn't want to spend too much. and when i say "much", i mean like…$40 tops. so i walked in and saw this bad boy and carried him around proudly. no really i waddled around with it showing it off like a blue ribbon animal at the fair. It's Ethan Allen and it was $25. It's this fun greenish yellow color and i'm kind of obsessed with it. its legs are fantastic and i just need to look into getting it cleaned up a bit and getting that bottom strip of fabric off. but all the buttons are in tact, the fabric isn't torn up too bad and did i mention that thing was $25?? Shwing!! 
next up was this fantastic vest. 
it's liz clairborne and was… $3? i think? somewhere around there. it's warm as hell and kind of that ugly cute if you know what i mean. 
this is hardly a good picture of it. but that rug? under the chair? $5 and purchased last week. -insert little purple devil smiling emoji here- and it's huuuuuge i might add. and the coolest pattern. i'm not even sure if its life was meant to be lived as a rug. but it is now. mwahaha
and the mac daddy thrift purchase of them all. i bought a pair dudes jean shorts that came down to about my shins for 9 freaking cents you guys… and cut them up and frayed them and got super duper excited for spring.  they look so cute on and have given me a reason to take the steps at school soooo that's cool!!
 anyways, this post had no real point except to brag and show off my goodies. 
hope everyone is having a good week!! 



  1. girl say whattttt. i love that chair so amazing.
    seriously so many great finds!

  2. great thrift finds are always worth a post for sure!!


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