A day Downtown

Last week, Jon and I had a little day date downtown. (alliterations, much?) it was a good day. downtown is about a 5 minute drive from northside and we don't take advantage of it enough. granted, nightclubs and large crowds aren't my thing, but downtown during the holidays is something pretty spectacular. They spruce it up real nice with lights and trees and the horse and carriage rides and everyone seems happier. 

We went down with the intention of ice skating in fountain square, and after a twenty minute wait in the line to get skates, they told us they only had sizes 6 and 10 left (i'm an 8) soooo that idea went out the door! but it was still fun to watch everyone skate. itty bitty kids rolling around in the ice and awkward teenage couples that make me happy to be out of that stage in my life. It was absolutely freezing but I love a good, cold day. Here's a few photos AND A FUN LITTLE VIDEO from the day! 



  1. I love downtown all year long, but there is something extra special about it during the holidays.

    1. i completely agree! love it down there!

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